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wakebdr(ATL)July 14, 2010

Are all (or just about all) 2 cycle oils the same? I have a large jug of 2 cycle outboard boat engine oil and I'm wondering if I can use it in my 2 cycle lawn tools as long as I mix it correctly. It's blue instead of the normal black, so I'm not sure about it.

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canguy(British Columbia)

The marine oils are not the same as those for air cooled, the engines operate under entirely different conditions. An outboard is water cooled so it operates at much lower temperatures and usually at steady throttle. The average o/b also runs at half the speed of the typical air cooled lawn tool or snowmobile.A lot of oils are marketed as being suitable for both but I don't buy it. I want the best protection available, oil is a heck of a lot cheaper than an engine rebuild or replacement.

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Wake: Marine Grade Oil is different than Air Cooled 2-Stroke Engine Oil today . The TC-W3 Rating of Marine Grade Oil is the minimium service specification I always ensured for my Outboard usage . I however never recommend outboard oil for air cooled usage . The Temperature Variances and Extremes are in my opinion to severe for lawnmower or Tiller or Chainsaw or Weed-Eater Applications. Not to say that in an emergency situation that you could not perhaps use your outboard oil in your chainsaw or weed-eater for a quick usage situation. I just would not feel comfortable routinely using Marine Oil for other Air-Cooled applications. I would use it perhaps in Snowmobile or 2-Stroke Snow-blower use where the Temperature variance is less severe . Just my thoughts . I know there are other Oil Guru's onsite that follow the newest trends in Oil Specifcation's who can probably clarify further .

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Thanks for the information. Any recommendations for a 2 cycle oil to use in lawn equipment and a small generator that I use for tailgating?

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If you don't mind spending a little xtra Amsoil for Air Cooled Engines is the Best . I use it up to 70-1 ratio on numerous applications .

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Amsoil air cool oil called Saber, don't mix up with the other.

Echo Power Blend is very good oil. Also the Stihl Ultra is good.

I use Amsoil myself.

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Again, thanks for the responses and information. Can these oils be found at a big box or will I need to go to a tractor store?

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Here in the Great White North Amsoil is available at Candian Tire (Box Store) but also any Napa , Walmart , TSC.If not any General Jobber Supply Store should have it in the US. The Stihl or Echo would probably only be available via Local Dealer within the States .

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Amsoil is hard to find here, I order direct from them. Echo available in Home Depot here. Stihl is more common in dealers.

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Hi Folks, new here. Fascinating post, lots of good info. I'll share shomething that I learned with my first Stihl, I don't recall if it was a chain saw or weedeater, anyway, I was surprised that the recomended gas was not regular. I think they recomended at least 89 octane. Hmmm, 2 cycle engines can be difficult to start, so why not help it out in that and overall? Since then, I only use at least 89 or better in all my 2 cycle applications and have been very happy.

Be well,


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