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HeatherLilFebruary 10, 2013

Wondering if anyone in So Cal can tell me if they have experience with either Australian Willow or Peppermint Tree. I need to plant 4 trees to help screen neighbors, I'm in a Spanish house (in terms of garden style), I in Pasadena (zone 9)... Need evergreen and want fast growing because I have to start with 24" boxes. Thoughts?

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Umm well I'm in Southern TN, and we can grow a good Variety of trees. But you need to give more info.... Pictures, Maybe some soil tests, other stuff like that too, how much sun do you get? Are you prepared for the maximum height? (Trees can grow 40ft+ but what if your yard is only about 20-30 ft wide and not that big?) Also, you need to make sure some of the trees you pick are drought tolerant and hardy (even if it dosent get cold) You really should post pictures from different angles so we can see what your working with, it'll be greatly welcomed.

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