Stihl model BR400 leaf blower

ahall6144July 17, 2010

Hello All,

I have a Stihl model BR400 leaf blower that will not rev up. It cranks up easy and and runs fine at idle, however when throttle is depressed it dies out or shuts off. I have replaced plug, carburator gaskets and needle seat valve etc. Can anyone give me sugestions as to a remedy.


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If the carb. was assembled right I would suspect the Carb. out of adjustment, (too lean on the high side, 1/8" or so turn counter clockwise will richen it up if it can be adjusted?) or carb. still dirty in the medimun and high jets. I would also check jug/crank case cover and muffler mount screws for tightness. (may have a massive vacuum leak? not likely but I would check them anyway)

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Check the exhaust port for deposits yet? Free and easy.

You use compress air after cleaning the inside of the carb to blow dry it?

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Aha: Check Fuel Filter 1st . Remove Jets , inspect all ok ? Clean Jets with Carb Cleaner Spray reinstall to 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 turns out . Also put some carb cleaner in fuel System approx 1 Oz. If diaphram within carb is ok you should be up and running within 30 Minutes . As always use Fuel Treatments for Storage and Annual Start up . As recommended by other Forum Members new Lines and Plugs as required during Routine Inspections. Let us know how you make out !

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