Ryobi RHT 2660DA Hedge trimmer will not start.

Bill2755July 30, 2013

This is a 2 stroke machine

I have read much about the problems associated with this particular model and have exhausted all possible efforts but to no avail. The machine was left over the winter with fuel in, but it stopped working at the end of last season when I got to the end of cutting a fairly long hedge. I did not worry about it until this year. I have tried the following things.
1. I have changed the spark plug for a new one.
2. There is a a good spark when held against earth.
3. I have insert a spoon of mixture into the mouth of the spark plug and also tried easy start. The machine shows no sign of attempting to start.
4. I have stripped and cleaned the carburetor and then replace the gaskets available (four in all)
5. I have tried adjusting the idle and fast adjustment screws with the tool provided.
6. I have replace the carburetor with a new one.
I have checked the exhaust and this was full of fuel. Cleaned and dried out.
7. I checked the crank case screws for tightness and all seemed fine.
8. Replaced the crank case gasket and tightened the screws.
9. Tried to get to the flywheel but did not know how to get the clutch assembly (now dissembled) from the bottom of the shaft. (it appears to be an interference fit but I am unsure) I therefore could not get to the flywheel which I understand may have a key way that has sheared.

  1. Did a compression test and was only getting 50 PSI. I understand that this should be between 75 and 100. However even with 50 I would have thought there may be signs of an attempt to start.

I am now stumped as what to do (apart from checking the flywheel that I cannot get into). The machine bluntly refuses to start or to even attempt to start. I would very much appreciate anybody who could give me further advice.

Might be worth noting that this unit does not appear to have a head or head gasket. The plug screws directly into the top of the cylinder. I would have replaced this gasket first as I would have suspected this due to the low pressure obtained. The piston is certainly not seized as movement of this can be observed through the exhaust port. It could be a broken ring though. There was no improvement in pressure when some oil was squirted directly into the cylinder and the compression test re-done.

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Rings are seized or head gasket is blown 50 psi is not adequate . Ryobi has a poor track record , I would cut my loses and buy a better unit .

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Not going to look up the model! IS this 4 stroke or two stroke? If 4 stroke check valve adjustment. IF two stroke not that hard to pull the jug off and check the bore, rings and piston for wear. I use carb. spray for priming, less likely to flood the engine wetting the spark plug if spark plug is saturated it will not fire due to liquid not mist.

Ryobi just like any other piece of equipment. Take care of it and it will last. Abuse, neglect or lite on mix, and will be junk like all others.

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1. If the compression is truly 50 psi vs a bad reading this could cause it not to fire.

2. There should be reason if the compression is just 50 psi, rem muffler a ck cyl.

3. If the cyl is bad, I would consider the eng bad and start over on a non Pro Mod.

4. If the cyl is bad, try to determine why or it will possibly occur again. At what age?

5. I admire your personal effort you have given the MONTER!

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RC: The OP clearly advised that the unit is 2-stroke within the 1st sentence . I agree that an ounce of prevention is cheaper than a pound of cure lol . Unfortunately Ryobi Trimmers , Hedge Trimmers or Blowers are much the same as Weed-eater Brand . Basically a cheap Homeowner throw away unit. I have had 3 Weed=Eater units that have survived over 25 yrs . Why because I only use the best oils and religiously maintain them. In a less than Mechanically inclined owners hands and these cheap units would have been in the junk pile after 3-5 yrs . I recently gave all away to friends and family members and bought a new Commercial Grade Toro Trimmer . Further the OP has more than adequately rebuilt or replaced critical issues within this trimmer. However I stongly believe that with adequate spark and only marginal compression he is pissing into the wind on this one . The shear key should be validated , I have my doubts with a hedge trimmer , perhaps a lawnmower . Finally Why spend more money (rings) on this form of disposable unit. Even if only a blown head gasket , I believe he would have clearly seen evidence of blowby all over the cylinder and head assembly . I agree that fuel or quick start are less than ideal as compared to carb cleaner , but either should case a fart at the very least . There is simply not sufficient compression to fire the fuel charge .

Loger take over Roflmbo !

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Overlooked 2 stroke didn't see where that made a difference in my post being I covered both. How hard is it to take jug off and check it out. What inspection and cleaning going to cost beings he already dumped money into it?

Dumping unregulated raw gas down the spark plug (like spoon fuel) flooding condition IMO now it you use dropper and few drops, but anymore like "spoon of mixture" IMO equates to FLOODING. Once the spark plug gets wet it won't fire with dripping fuel on it and especially it you see it dripping out the muffler. now you got to remove the plug pull the rope and blow dry the combustion chamber or wash it out with carb. cleaner and pull the rope.

Roflmbo and LOL!

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Peace! Maybe we need a break and talk about the Catfish we caught for winter stock. I stock fresh fish as I stock firewood for the winters. The challenges are becoming challenging with age, TX heat, Drought and Etc. But we are set with wood and fish (mainly Channel Cats). The above ground gardening is for our only Grand is a gardening experience.

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Loger you not getting any rain! about 100 to 200 miles north of you we've got 40+ inches so far. Went from lake running dry to busting over the dams. My yard has never been so green in Aug. I use to like cat fishing, nothing like setting on the river bank with liver or nightcrawers. Been to wet and hot spells for garden to do any good up here.

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All Good here Loger . Just trying to help the OP save some money and time. The unit does not warrant any further money wasted in my opinion . I suspect that a ring has seized within the piston causing the low compression or as I advised perhaps a blown head gasket . I agree with RC if the op dumped fuel mix directly within the plug rather than the spark plug hole than a no start is likely . Any how keep fishing Guys :)

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I have tried to contact the OP to offer more help as these Poulan engines are tough and can be made to run, stuck ring or not. A carboned up ring that is stuck can be freed with solvent and patience. The Ryobi 2-stroke has no head gasket, only crankcase/cylinder gasket with a probable REAR crankscase gasket although the Ryobi 4 stroke model w/ OHV design may. Ryobi brand gets a bad rap, but they can take a lot of abuse and have substantial power when maintained correctly.

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Hi guys, had to go through the labourious process of registering just so that I good do the good deed of sharing my experience in this.

Unfortunately this is now my 2nd ryobi as I was silly enough to buy all the attachments and when the first one packed up I assumed with the new push start the manufacturer would have dealt with the issues. But after the first summer of use, I went to use it the following year and it would not start.

Initially it used to start with a squirt of petrol into the carb which I'm sure you know is located under the plastic that has the priming and choke details on it. (Mine is now permanently off.)
This became more and more difficult and this year I've been using one of those plumbers blow torches.
You turn the gas on full and DONOT IGNITE hold it so it's blowing into the carb and start the machine, it still doesn't start first time and you may need to prime and use the cold start method a few times, however, on e started keep the machine on full rpm for a good 30 to 40 secs.

I hope this works guys, pls let me know how you get on.

I'm hoping another manufacturer comes ud with a head that will fit all my attachments, I don't mind throwing away my ryobi head, but I will miss my blower, tiller, rotovator, hedge cutter, strummer and brush cutter. :-(

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