A success report from âChecking The Basicsâ!

loger_gwJuly 19, 2013

A success report from âÂÂChecking The BasicsâÂÂ! A Walking Friend wanted me to step in when he was told his 2 yr old Ryobi trimmer (that would not start a week later) was not worth the time by a Tec due to a gummed Carb. My suggestion was to get the trimmer back, pull and inspect the Carb to prove the matter Or repair it himself. He pulled the Spark Plug 1st and saw it fouled (full of carbine). A cleaning fired the trimmer and a new plug has him going (if that was the real need).

The Bottom Line Is Check Your Basics. Otherwise you could be taking a loss. Tecs are busy this time of year and use excuses vs troubleshooting small jobs. As Well As Ourselves!

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Maybe half the small stuff you see out with the trash could be fixed (or maybe just cleaned and lubed with new filter) if folks bothered to understand the basics.

But some machinery is treated so poorly I wouldn't bother. Found a Scotts mower a few years old. One of the four things wrong with it -- the owner had used duct tape to repair the air intake plastic which had large holes. The duct tape had dried out and broken down, not that it was the right method to temporary fix it originally. I only wanted the wheels off the mower.

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I know the feeling about misused equipment. ItâÂÂs a shame In My Opinion, If they can Afford To Burn Money. Nor is it hard earned money.

Two more success reports:

1. I was given a Scotts mower with the front swivel wheels (missing a front wheel and starter rope at least). I gave it to a Yardman (close by) using a John Deer that looked related. He reported back in about two weeks that it runs good.

2. A good friend complained that a mower I donated to him running off the curb finally stopped. He knew it had a lack of compression from the pull. I suggested he check the valve clearance and there was none (hard to believe if it ran recently). He pulled the head so that he could lap the valves after grinding to specs. Bingo! He reported, It Running like a Top. He went further with the Low End Curb Donor than I would have. LOL

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A machine in use beats machine abuse....every time!

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I truly believe that most lawn equipment doesn't die a natural death - that it is, in fact, MURDERED by its owner.

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Every time I fire up the 77 IH Cadet 80 or start the Toro with the Suzuki 4 stroke . I smile . Both were rescued and needed very little work to be set right . I dont blame people for throwing them away . A shop will charge more than the stuff is worth to repair. What I can't believe is that people are too lazy to use internet resources to repair their OPE . Taking a carburettor apart to clean doesnt require any special tools and isnt rocket science

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Due to Curb Donations, I have not purchased a mower since caring for our yard since 1973. I am using the 3rd mower due to upgrading vs any dying. LOL. My theory is basically as someone mentioned, you basically will not wear out a âÂÂServicedâ mower on a small lawn (70â X -120â " 1,800 sq ft home). I did make some minor upgrades as adding electronic ignition to the first (due to blow-by fouling points). I have stored a backup since about 1990 (basically using them 2-3 times yearly (vs 10 bone dry initially).

Trimmers Have Not Liked Me! Since my orig Sears Electric that lasted over 10 yrs. 15 yrs on a donated Green machine and purchased an Echo SMR 210 in 2002 that still starts 2-3 pull. I have too many donated trimmers (3) and etc 2-cylcle engines. I have gone back to electric chainsaws at home and enjoying them.

BTW, I will not help on a piece of equipment If I see it has been abused, not even for money.

Have Some Good Experiments and fun!!!

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Heh heh. My father was very safety conscious. He also had no interest in OPE maintenance . He used a Crafstman electric , powered by a 3.5 KW genset also from Sears. He had a 68 Chevy C20 that he used to carry the rig to whatever he was going to cut. I have used it instead of my Stihl to limb trees before dropping them. I was impressed. All it ever needs is a chain sharpening with a 3/16 file and some bar oil.

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Nah ....nothing like the sweet smell 2-stroke mix in the morning to make you feel alive ...Roflmbo :)

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That is truly funny. I am doing the same! If only the EPA could see us now!

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Oh, I still use the Stihl. From day one I mixed it at 32 :1 when it required 40:1. Now I add MMO to perfume the smoke..

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