Dried/composted manure from biogas

mulchie(5)April 29, 2014

We are in Vermont where a lot of cow manure is used to generate methane that helps power our grid. How cool is that? The byproduct is dried, aged manure that is free of seeds and fluffy as good peat. I have read various academic articles noting that the nutrient levels in the compost remain high, though a lot of carbon is lost.

Question: I can get this material for $35 a cubic yard. Anyone have experience with this? The manure is not organic, but the farm is responsibly run. I plan to use the compost in various garden projects, both food and non-food.

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I'd go for it. As you're probably aware, the methane thingie uses anaerobic fermentation to produce a combustible gas, in the process destroying any nasty viruses or bacteria, just like a septic tank.

Aerobic composting heats up and lets off CO2 not CH4.

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Anaerobic digestion, and septic tanks, do not destroy any disease pathogens, bacteria or virus, although as the effluent form those tanks is filtered they might be locked into the soil. But generally time, how long it takes that effluent to move back into out drinking water is a bigger factor.

That manure could be a good addition to any soil as long as it is accompanied by adequate levels of vegetative waste, 3 parts vegetative waste to 1 part manure.

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