Help with 1992 Craftsman Tractor Wiring..

bcorbin4April 24, 2008

I need help on simplifying the wiring on my Craftsman Lawn Tractor. Its a 1992 or 93 with a Twin Cylinder Briggs & Stratton. Problem I need to know what wires go where. I know to ground the battery and to put the positive on one side of the solenoid and then the other positive from the solenoid other side to the starter. Question is where does the fused small power wire go and where does all the wires from the ignition go. I want to remove all safety switches and just have a simple setup. All help is greatly appreciated. I know its magnetoed and it also has the power wire and groun. Where do they run to? I also am removing the headlight wiring. Dont need the lights.

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What's the Sears 917.xxxxx number?
Usually, the fused wire goes from the "hot" terminal of the solenoid to the "B" terminal of the ign. switch.

Without knowing which switch, I can't help anymore than that with the info you provided.

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Getting the model # right now. The solenoid has the 2 main post then a side little post where a small terminal slides on. I have the complete wiring harness off the tractor. I can just pull the 2 wires out of the safety switches and wire together to bypass correct?

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Model # 917.254860

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I believe someone has messed with the ignition swith before. on the back of it its labeled the usual M S L G B - Is this right " The white wire that goes on the side of the solenoid is in the M on the ignition switch?" I thought the M was for the Magneto??? I baffled....

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Looking at the switch, starting at the top of the tree , single terminal and going clockwise: M S L G B Match what you have?

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B Battery RED
G goes to ground BLACK
S goes to the solenoid from the switch WHITE
M is the kill wire to the magneto. It also goes to the attachment switch and then the seat switch. BLACK
L Battery charging input from the alternator RED

IGN switch
Start B&S

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So can I bypass the seat switch. just put the 2 wires together? Also can I just not run the lights off the alternator?

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Found an owners manual with the schematic.
Click the link-

Seat switch is different than you would expect. Continuity prevents running. Pulling the plug doesn't work either because it's a "shorting" type connector. Look for a little metal tab type thing that slided when you pull the plug.

Why not run lights. From the schematic, you can see that's a simple circuit. Orange wire from alternator to the switch. Brown from the switch to the lights. You could bypass that switch and have the lights on all the time if you wanted.

After you look at the schematic, you can see that you have a very simple safety switch system. Really no reason to bypass them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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Hi BCorbin. Why do you want to disconn the safeties, and greatly increase the odds you will injure or kill yourself? Do you know the engine wont die if you disenage the mower deck and set the parking brake before dismounting?

In general if a person knows enough to make an informed decision wether or not they need the safety systems, that person wont have to ask how to bypass them.

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