Parts for a very old Troy Built rototiller

mickey999July 3, 2008


I have a very old (1970's)? Troy Built Horse rototiller. I need to find tine saft oil seals. Can anyone help me? Also any advice on how to get the old ones off. thanks

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shortlid(Derry, NH)

Even if Troy does not have it you can compare them to a industrial supply house and get the best matching oil reisistant seals.

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Call Bill Rodgers @ Valley Power Products (1-800-609-5110). He stocks most all repair parts for the vintage Troy-Bilt tillers.

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NAPA has them. They are part number 704081 and cost about $5.00 each.

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Im looking for a kohler engine for a 1970's Troy Built Roto Power Tiller Horse Model mk 1617

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the serial number stamp in my troy bilt tiller is 172017, i have not been able to find any info for this, could someone please help, thank you for any help

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this link should bring you to the Manuals download page. If you have you model and serial number you can download the whole thing with parts list. Model and serial are on a small extension of the drive case housing on the passengers side, right next to the tire.
My manual doesn't list part numbers in a breakdown, but as they take you thru fixing common problems (its a 120 page manual) they list the part numbers in the paragraph. From that you can cross reference to a MTD # or I got belts from NAPA with that number. I am new to this machine, but so far loving every minute of it.

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I have a wizard-western auto supply company tiller. Model number GIS 212OA28 and serial number 2049C1 639. Looking at modle number, this tiller is a toro product. The pulleys and the keyways are fine. The problem is the gear drive contained in the plastic housing that drives the wheels. I take it is a gear drive, but i guess it could be a chain drive. Something broke inside platic housing that looks like it is riveted together. Has anyone ever taken this out and removed rivets and then bolted it back together after finding out what the problems is. Has anyone had a problem like this and what did you find it to be. Wish it wasted a composite housing. let me know thanks.

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I have a troy bilt horse tiller model #12059
I need a starter.
But my main problem is when I engage the tines, it makes a loud noise, what is this problem. It only does it when tines are engaged. Where can I find replacement for the problem.

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What weight of gear oil goes in my 5-HP Troy Built?

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

140 wt or 80-90 Thing is don't use gear oil with sulfur. If use 140 you need warm oil when cool weather by just running tines out dirt for few minutes if go right in dirt it put strain on motor and belt. If use oil with sulfur Bronze gears turn soft and wear.

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