Husqvarna 326 RJ-X Series Etech-II trimmer woes

tqpaceJuly 2, 2013

Trimmer quit in middle of job, like it just ran out of fuel, tank full, cleaned carb (whole can of carb cleaner), blasted out all ports, checked integrity of gaskets and diaphram, all good, cleaned spark arrestor screen (a little oily but not clogged), all fuel lines appear in good shape (no loss of vacuum), will only start and run on primed fuel from fuel bulb...then it dies. Then I prime again and it will start again, but will die as soon as it burns fuel from priming bulb. New spark plug, new gas, freshly cleaned carb, still no luck....

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Are you sure the gas is fresh, and hasn't been sitting around awhile. Also that no water or condensation built up in the tank

Also when you run the tank down that low debris can sometimes get sucked into the fuel line or exiting point of the carb. I'd still double check the main jet on the carb as well

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Tank was half-full, I just cannot figure this out...I even posted problem on Husqvarna's "" troubleshooting forum under "trimmer died in middle of job". I even attached a video of problem to post...not the first reply...this has been the best trimmer ever and just cannot give-up on fixing it. I am going to order a carb at end of week and see if that resolves issue. No dealers in my area...

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Thanks Brindle112 for your help, I have gave up fixing existing parts and going to start replacing parts...starting with carb

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Replace the fuel line, get 5 $ worth. That is the only part my 322 L has ever needed. I like the Zama . It was gunked up by flakes of varnish from the fuel line .

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Thanks Andyma! I'll try that...I'll have a chance to work on it again next week.

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Downloaded schematic of carb again, my carb was missing "welch" plug, made a temporary plug out of aluminum tie, works great after adjusting L and h screws, however I just got my new carb, so going to go ahead and replace old carb with the new one...

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