Husqvarna Weed Eater Shutting off

pippitJuly 19, 2013


We have a Husqvarna 128CD 2 cycle weed eater. One day when it was being used it got very hot and shut off.

We have since cleaned the carburetor, replaced the gaskets, gas cap, plug and air filter. It starts up and after about three minutes it is hot and shuts itself off. We noticed that the little gas primer ball has a small hole in it, but it still pumps gas into the chamber and the hole is not apparent unless you push on it.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thank you!


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Did you check the spark arrest on the muffler for carbon blockage? You should feel and hear good exhaust. Pulled the muffler and Peep into the cylinder to see that it is not scored.

Attached is a peep into a dirty Poland Chain SawâÂÂs cylinder.

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When it shuts off you should check the amount of fuel in the purge bulb. It cannot keep a vaccum with a hole in it. I suggest replacing it.

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Thank you Loger and Homegrown55. We are going to try both suggestions.

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