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blackops1(7)April 19, 2011

I'm trying to decide between these 2 B&S V-twin engines. The "Professional grade" 24hp, 724cc, model 44M777, type 0790 B1, code 100 126YC. And the "Platinum" 24hp, 724cc, XRD series, model 445677, type 2188 G1, code 101019YG. Per the sears ecatalog viewer flash brochure the main selling points of the professional engine compared to the platinum seems to be the pro has a superpolished "ride" bearing for longer life. Not sure what bearing this is, maybe the engine main bearing? It also has a chrome polated exhaust value for longer life & mechanical compression release for easier starting. I think both engines are still "consumer grade"?? Which is probably fine for the .75 acre I'm mowing but since they come on different mowers:

model 247.289800 and 917.288570 I'm trying to get the best for long term. I tried to include html links to the two mowers but it became jumbled. Their easy to find off the craftsman website its the PYT9000 w/42 inch cut and off sears.com its the 288570 w/46 inch cut.

Which engine do you prefer and why? Thanks!


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First off why do you need an engine? Warranty or buying it out right? I would shop around (net) first. IMO I wouldn't get the one with compression release, unless it cheap, you know how to adjusts valves, and add another system to maintain and increases failure rate. Ride bearing IMO would probably be crank bearings Which IMO would be good, but if you changed the oil reqularly, based on severe conditions chart (you have to deside if your mowing in dusty conditions)it wouldn't be problem.

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I agree with rcmoser on the compression release. You don't need it. I have two of these engines (446777) and there is no problem cranking them. The compression release is just something else to fail...

No matter which one you buy your results will depend on how diligently you maintain the engine (oil, oil filter, air filter and debris removal)...

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The 44m777 engine uses the round push on air filter. My opinion is this is superior to the design used on the other engine. I don't know about the other features.

The 445677 engine uses the flat air filter. This design had issues with the air filter housing warping and allowing dirt to leak around the filter.

The 247 model tractor was manufactured by MTD.
The 917 model is an AYP/Electrolux/Husqvarna design.

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Thanks for the reponses all. Looks like my research continues. Where do I find recalls on the air filter issue? I will be doing all the required maintence as scheduled defiantely. Hoping to get 10 yrs of service!

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You fellows who are saying, "You don't need the compression release" might want to research your subject a little more. ALL B&S engines, 8 hp and up at least, have some form of compression release. Question is whether it is a passive system or an active one with moving parts.

Walt Conner

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