Homelite Woodsman chainsaw starting issues

losrubiosJuly 17, 2013

I have a 45cc Homelite Woodsman chainsaw with an 18" bar that has been a very reliable product for the past decade or so. A couple of weeks ago, I managed to cut up a decent amount of felled trees and branches however when I got it back out of the box to deal with some tree stumps, it started playing up. Initially it worked fine however the saw would start and then die as soon as I pulled the throttle. I had previously cleaned the air filter assembly and when I removed the filter, the saw would start and run OK without any choke. Later, after a few more cuts, the saw reverted to refusing to start and run. I then found that if I started it and held the saw on its side that I could get it to full throttle and it would run fine. Then, eventually, it refused to even do that. I did notice that there was some suction of air when I opened the fuel cap and the fuel seemed to be agitated. I took the side panel off and blew out as much crud and sawdust as I could with a compressed air line, including the two gold colored mesh screens that are in the black plastic housing next to the gas and oiler tanks (which I assume are some sort of breather?). The gas/oil mis is correct and fresh, the spark plug is sparking healthily when it turns over and there appears to be fuel in the barrel. Any suggestions of where to look for a solution? I really like this saw and suspect it is something simple so any help would be appreciated.

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There is good info already posted here if you will scan some of the related Post. ItâÂÂs almost becoming the same old drum beat (repeated questions) related to troubleshooting and tuning after a few years of service. The Basics Fire, Fuel, Compression checks, Disassembled Carb Cleaning, âÂÂAir Tight Fuel System (lines, primer bulb, good in-tank-filter, vented fuel cap), Spark Arrest Cleaning, Etc.

Please Share what you find, that is what will help others as ideas to what to look for, âÂÂAbove A Full Tune-up #1âÂÂ. Please ask any direct questions related to your items found during the deeper trouble shooting.

Good Luck! We'll Hope To Get You On The Stumps Soon

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With the benefit of an hour or so spare this weekend, I stripped down the chainsaw to see if I could find out what was wrong. I removed the bar from the saw body and gave the area around the clutch and chain drive a good cleaning to get all the oiled up sawdust out of it. I then removed the exhaust from the cylinder head and removed the spark arrestor from the exhaust muffler and gave it a gentle clean with a wire brush although the mesh wasn't too caked in carbon to begin with.
I then removed the carb from the cylinder head while leaving all the gas lines/primer bulb attached and gave it a good blow out with the compressed air line. I did destroy the gasket between the carb and the cylinder head and remade one from gasket card using an exacto knife.
For good measure I threw in a new .325 chain from Home Depot (the original chain is still on the saw after 10+ years!) and put it all back together.
Hey presto, it started second pull and runs and cuts like a dream again. Can't say I know for sure what fixed it, but my first recommendation would be to blow out the carb with compressed air.

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Good Job!! A good external cleaning is good for the health of the saw cooling properly. I was taught to do major cleanings after all major jobs (1-2 cords of wood IMO) and I have caught some issues before any damages. Otherwise it sounds as if you disturbed some restriction enough for it to move on or sealed the carb better. Most of all, you eliminated some possible issues with a good cleaning/observations.

Do you feel you back flushed some trash as in the fuel tankâÂÂs filter or crabâÂÂs fuel screen during your blowing? Think about it, if so the problem will probably reoccur. Check the fuel tank and filter for fine sawdust etc...

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