Ordered new MacKissic 12PT-10

greenhobby(BugVille)July 21, 2005

Well, I bit the bullet and ordered a new Mighty Mac 12PT-10. I've heard good things about these units. I assume there are others with these units on this forum. I also ordered the 1/4 screen. The dealer was a bit hesitant to sell it to me. He said that he had one of these screens laying around for 5 years and could not get rid of it. He said that it clogs all the time. I assume that the material has to be very dry to work. I really want to use the output that is that small for the flower gardens around my house. The unit (and screen) should arrive at his place in 3 days.

Also the dealer network is kind of hoaky. After following a trail of distributors, I finally got to a place that is in the next town. They don't have any, so I had to order it sight unseen.

Any suggestions on "preferred" ways to use this baby?


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I am considering a new chipper shredder from MacKissic as well. Did you order from them? If not, who from? Let us know how long it took to reach you, its condition when you get it and how you like. Thanks and good luck!

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dmullen(Southern CA)

I have one and it is an outstanding chipper/shredder. I ordered all the screens including the 1/4 inch one. Use it a lot and only had it go slow on some wet vines. It produces a very fine compost.

The 1/2 inch one also works quite well and I have never had it slow down.

You will probably really like it when it arrives.

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maineman(z5a ME)


Congratulations on choosing the 12PT10. In my opinion it is the most versatile shredder-chipper on the market, and its 3½" chipping capacity gives you a lot of capability.

The chips from the chipper pass out through the hammermill section of the shredder, so you can control your chip size by your choice of screen. For maximum-sized chips, remove the screen altogether.

As you approach the end of a shredding session, let the shredding chamber clear before you kill the engine. I made the mistake of not doing that once, and stopped the machine while the chamber was still pretty full. The contents of the hammermill chamber sort of "set up" by the next time I started to use the machine. When the clutch kicked in, the hammermill rotor didn't want to turn and the belt started to slip. I realized the problem, killed the engine, dropped the screen and spent the next hour lying on my back using a sharp stick to gouge moldy pulverized leaves and brush out of the chamber. I learned my lesson from that, and now I make sure the chamber is relatively clear before I power down.

The ¼" screen is also my favorite, but it will clog with damp material. However, for relatively dry leaves, brush, and limbs it is great. I keep some small chunks of wood laying around the machine and if the screen starts to clog a little I toss one of the chunks in and it clatters around and acts as a screen cleaner as it disintegrates.

That's not an ideal solution because the wood particles are light-colored and the pulverized leaves are darker, so the product has lots of light-colored flecks from the wood chunk screen cleaners. But that's only cosmetic and it saves having to drop the screen to clean it or swap it for one with bigger holes.

Be sure to wear your ear protectors and goggles when using the machine. The shredding operation and chipping operation both make a fair amount of noise and unless you wear goggles you are almost certain to get something in your eye, even if it is just dust.

I also use a chain saw (a Stihl) and I have taken to wearing my chain saw helmet when operating my Mighty Mac. The helmet includes good ear protectors and also has a full-face screen.


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MaineMan and dmullen: All excellent tips... thanks!

Derbyboy: I called MacKissic directly and they gave me the Canns-Bilco distributor in PA. I called them and they gave me the Beta Power Tools sales office in Northboro. The Beta guy gave me the number to the Kubota dealer in Harvard that just happens to also sell MacKissic. The unit costs 1499.00 (which happens to be cheaper than on-line). But I have to pay sales tax... Oh well, looking forward to getting it. I'll post pics when I get it...


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The unit was delivered yesterday. Man is this thing powerful! Somehow the local dealer assembled it wrong and put the front tractor hitch on upside down. I had to jack it up and remove the front axle, pull the wheels off and flip it around and re-assemble. I also had to un-peal most of the stickers since they were all on crooked. I wonder if this dealer does this kind of half a$$ assembly on their Kubota tractors as well.

The B&S 10HP OHV engine starts first pull, and runs extremely smooth and quiet. This is a nice engine. The on-line literature says that it should be an "Intek". But it doesn't have the word "Intek" anywhere on the engine. It is a model 2044xxx. I would also think for the price, it would have come with a dip stick to check the oil. No luck, its just got a little screw thing that comes off and you have to look into the hole to see the level.

Anyway I did some branch chipping/shredding with it last night. The unit is strong, really strong. I think it will last me a good long time.

Other than the half a$$ed assembly job, I'm mostly pleased with the product. I can't wait to get out there and take care of all the refuse tucked in different places in my yard.


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maineman(z5a ME)


Too bad about the sloppy dealer assembly. Maybe you should complain to them and if they don't "make it right" then inform MacKissic of their shortcomings. I also think the Intek thing deserves an explanation.

Time to read your manuals. You should have two of them: one for the engine and one for the shredder-chipper. As you may already know, you will need a grease gun to lubricate the main bearing on the rotor every few hours of operation.

Since your new engine is essentially in a "break-in" period, you will need to change the oil after a few hours of operation, to get rid of any metal particles that might be left in there. Since I use my shredder-chipper quite a lot in the winter, I use Mobil One 5w30 synthetic oil. Mobil has a "zero" grade of synthetic oil (0w30) that might be appropriate near the North Pole, but I wouldn't use it because it may attack some gasket materials, apparently it doesn't lubricate as well, and the 5w30 Mobil One synthetic works fine here. Incidentally, apparently AMSOIL claims to be the best lubricant. So I guess the stuff I have been using is "second best".

Enjoy your new MacKissic. Just don't use it to trim your fingernails (grin).


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I have the B&S 10HP OHV engine on a tiller. Be sure to keep a close eye on the oil. I agree a dipstick would be easier than the screw off. MIne eats oil and is also easy to overfill so beware. Good luck with your chipper/schredder!

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Thanks for the comments. I found on the Briggs site the whole dip stick assembly for these engines. Its only 8 dollars. I think it is worth it since I've already seen the oil spill out when the unit wasn't perfectly level when checking...


Here is a link that might be useful: Briggs 10 HP dip stick assembly

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dmullen(Southern CA)


Thanks for the link. Will this unit fit all of their 10 HP models. Mine is about a year old.

I tried to search their site and never did find any dipsticks so you did a really great search.

Briggs and Stratton needs to work on their search function when they offer products that cannot be found with common search terms.

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It might, though you want to check to be sure. Look at the link below and enter your model and type (found on the engines valve cover) in the "needs to view parts list" section. Then click on "view free PDF". Look through the document (parts breakout) and find the dipstick assembly. Reference that number in the back of that document "parts list".

Now go back to the link below and enter the part number in.
simple huh?


Here is a link that might be useful: Briggs engine parts manuals

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dmullen(Southern CA)


Your instructions are much better than the Briggs instructions. It was easy using your method.

It is the same for my motor. Shipping costs more than the part so I am going to ask my local lawnmower shop if they have or can get them. If not, will order it direct.

Thanks for the help.

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I talked with MacKissic directly about some of the issues I had. They were extremely responsive and helpful. Briggs changed the labeling of the Intek line and it does have the same warranty as a Honda GX commercial engine. They sent me the dipstick assembly et al no charge for my initial troubles. Much easier to use. I also purchased an hour/RPM meter for it. I've dropped 5 big oaks (100 footers) in back and ground them up into fine wood chips. This is a very strong unit...


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chatterbox(T5A 3S4)

WHOO HOOO.! I can hardly wait until I get mine... I ordered mine just before Christmas so it should arrive around Mid january or end of January....
I did a tremendous lot of researching on here regarding the Mighty MAC and have not yet found any thing BAD about them yet...Now when I compare the Mighty MAC with my BEAR CATT well I am sure the BEAR CATT would be ASHAME.....

I'll let yea all know how I like the MIGHTY MAC when it arrives...I still have an half ace to clear so I will be very busy putting it to the test...If it dose OAK trees with no problem , then I shouldn't have any troubles as I don't have any OAKS trees here..DARN!..
I just have Small Poplars, Lilacs, and Willows.....




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Best of luck with your new unit. I put a real dipstick and an hour meter (little digital thing) on it. The unit is very strong and loud. Make sure you wear hearing protection! And I agree with Mainedad, it makes an awesome nail clipper ;-).


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I'm considering buying the MacKissic 12PT10 (10hp w/ yard trailer setup - has 4 wheels, front 2 turn like with a wagon). Any recent experiences? The picture online makes me wonder if its top heavy and would have a tendency to tip over when pulled across an incline. I need a chipper for clearing approximately 1/2-3/4 acres of thick brush and saplings surrounding my 1.7 acres. Is this machine heavy duty and powerful enough? A good place to buy is westsharpening.com, which has free shipping.

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maineman(z5a ME)

I agree with you about West Sharpening. West Sharpening has free shipping on orders over $250, which I was pleased to take advantage of on my recent order of finger tines, a plow bar, and plows for my Merry Tiller. I plan to order future accessories from West Sharpening for the same reason. Also, their prices are a bit lower than most of the competition.

I have been using my MacKissic 12PT9 for the last three years. It's the same as the newer 12PT10 except I have a 9hp B&S engine instead of the 10hp that comes on the newer ones. It's not as top heavy as it looks because the highest part of it is the big shredder input chute, which is relatively light sheet metal. The heavy stuff like the engine, the metal frame, the flywheel, and the hammermill rotator are all located lower in the machine, which makes the center of gravity of the machine a bit lower than what you might expect.

I had to move my machine down a fairly steep slope to the working area where I have been using it. There is a hazard of the machine "running away" in a situation like this, since it has no brakes. I used a large stick as an improvised drag brake to negotiate the slope. The slope might have been steep enough to tip the machine if I tried to move it sideways on the slope, but since I was moving more or less straight down the slope, braking and not tipping was the real concern.

I am using my 12PT9 to process brush piles, prunings, thinned trees, deadfall, leaves, leafmold, loose bark, garden waste, and compost piles. Well over 2 acres of this nearly 4-acre property is a wooded area. After three years of work I probably have at least three years of work remaining. I have produced many compost piles from the existing forest material and will be producing many more in the future, as well as more landscaping chips and garden path surfacing material. To a certain extent, the wooded area is a self-renewing source of material for my "Mighty Mac" MacKissic. However, that's a good thing because it is helpful to have an ongoing source of landscaping chips, garden path material, and mulch and compost for our garden.

I think the 12PT10 should be sufficient for your situation, but not overkill.


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I was all set to purchase the DR16.50 Pro, but their web site is not totally secure. Additionally, they have had their BBB affiliation revoked. So, the MacKissic 12PT10 looks like a good alternative. Can this unit be ordered online?

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Bought 1991 Mighty Mac 12PT B&S 8HP in great shape from estate sale- $300 - starts on first pull - amazing machine except that old engine - runs fine but only a choke lever, no speed control,primer bulb - oh well - it runs and chews up leaves by the rake full - actually works better if some twigs are in the mix as just leaves are not strong enough to go through the hammer mill - just clogs up the chute-- mix in some twigs and it's bye bye, makes a great mulch -- now I need to find a bagging kit since I have to cart away my mulched up leaves

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As you probably know, they are now powered with 10 hp engines. I would guess that your carb. is a little out of adjustment as well because leaves shouldn't be a problem. Great deal no matter what. I would guess that all of us run them at full power anyway so the throttle isn't really an issue. I would bet that the governor that controls speed is probably out of adjustment.

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Hi fastfinger,

"...runs fine but only a choke lever, no speed control or primer bulb... "

A speed control would be inappropriate, because the engine drives the V-belt through a centrifugal clutch, and setting the speed lower would simply disengage the clutch and stop the flywheel and the chipper and hammermill assembly. You want the engine to run at full speed.

As for the lack of a primer bulb, I have found that the choke is quite adequate. My old 12PT9 has a 9HP Briggs & Stratton engine and, with choke on, it usually starts on the second pull cold and the first pull if the engine is warm. I do sorely wish my older Stihl chainsaw had a primer bulb, however.

You got a great deal on the 12PT8 -- a current model would cost you about five times as much and have only 2 more horsepower. Don't forget to grease the zerk on the main bearing. That should be done every 10 hours of operation, and it was probably due for a greasing when you bought it.


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