Karcher 3300 Pressure washer Leak

Brindle112July 3, 2013

I have a karcher 3300 pressure washer. It has low pressure, and it squirts water out of the unloader valve, or what I believe to be the unloader valve.


On page B, It is part #8 where the water is leaking from. I took it apart, put a new O ring on it, everything looks fine. Somebody told me to put some sort of lithium grease on it? Havent tried that yet.

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Sounds like the unloader valve you're talking about is stuck in the open position as a result of mineral deposits built up over time,its fairly common.

You would be best to clean it and then put the grease on it afterwards.

Did you follow these instructions when you removed it earlier ?


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I believe those are directions for a karcher 2000 I have the 3300 and it has a different style pump

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Did you try greasing the valve ?

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