honda walk behind puzzle.

rustyj14(W/PA)July 19, 2010

I acquired a Honda lawn mower, from a lady whose son hit the bricks around the edge of the driveway. Half of the brick was buried, on end, and half stuck up. Nice edging--bad on mower crank-shafts and engines.

When i started it, it ran badly, as in sheared key-out of time-etc. Told owner, so she said just keep it.

Two weeks later, i tried to start it and lo and behold, it had healed itself! No vibration, or kick-back! Ran great. Called previous owner later, but she had bought another one.

Today, a guy expressed interest in it, so i dragged it out, he pulled the starter rope, and the handle pulled off the rope! I fixed that, but it is out of time again!

This time, i'll pull the flywheel and check the key. Thats probably what is wrong with it.

And today, a man brought in another Honda Walk-behind, in a sad condition. Said somebody at hunting camp tried mowing rocks. Motor locked, torn completely out of the deck, handles broken, wheels do the shimmy dance. Asked if i could fix it. Yep, i fixed it--sold him a Craftman s.p. walk behind for $50.

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Who in the world would buy a machine that won't mow rocks? Criminy! I assume that you gave a 30-day rock-mowing warranty, and threw in a set of shin guards?

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