Best Place to Buy Crabapple Trees

alameda/zone 8February 23, 2014

I want some Radiant crabapple trees. Who is the best company to order from? They are not sold in my area.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

see link.. but beware of tyty .. the first link ... i dont think they have a great reputation ... check watchdog sites for such

if its already heating up down your way.. you may have missed prime planting time ...

insure you are getting fully dormant trees in the mail ... and pay attention to size ... size vs price is important ...

i would be looking for 3 foot whips ...

and do come back and we can teach you how to plant them ...

they are technically a fruit tree.. so you might want to check fruit tree sellers also ...

and do make sure they are disease resistant.. i dont have time to check if they are


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Woodstock Nursery currently offers that cultivar via mail-order. In a really brief search, they are the only retail mail-order source I saw that currently had it in stock. I checked their Garden Watchdog rating and it was not good.

I didn't check TyTy or Willis, because I would never dream of ordering anything from them anyway. Their reputation is worse than not's abysmal. TyTy had such bad ratings on Garden Watchdog, that they threatened to sue Dave's to get their listing removed. Dave's finally kind of gave up, removed their feedback ratings, but left a note that should be enough to at least raise a red flag for anyone searching there.

There are numerous wholesalers that offer 'Radiant'. The cultivar should be generally available just about anywhere in the US that it will grow. Crabapples have fallen somewhat out of favor in the retail nursery business, but high-end nurseries special order stuff like this all the time for customers.

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alameda/zone 8

Thanks so much for the help - good to know what sellers to avoid. I have seen a couple of these trees blooming and they are show stoppers - there is one in Rusk, Tx that my gardening friends and I always plan a trip to Tyler so we can go by and see that tree in bloom. Would love to find a reputable source for them. I am not ordering from a company with low ratings. There is a nursery in Tyler that has a good selection of trees - I check them every year to see if they have this one - maybe I will luck out. Or maybe my local nursery might be able to order it, I will check. If I find one, I would certainly love some advice on planting it. Thanks!!

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Below is a link that I hope will answer any planting questions you have. It doesn't have a lot of pretty artwork, but the information is there (I hope). If you have any questions about planting a tree, after you read it, PLEASE let me know.

Here is a link that might be useful: Planting a Tree or Shrub

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momovtwo(8 Central TX)

If you have a Tractor Supply nearby, you might check there. There were at least a dozen at mine this afternoon.

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webgator(9 FL)

@ brandon7,

In reference to Wallace-Woodstock, the age of most of those rankings are more than 3 years old, with the most recent being 2013 and it was positive. I guess most customers of them don't rank them on Garden Watchdog, but I know they ship out thousands of trees to many very satisfied customers annually and have been doing such for over 25 years. I mean really, 13 comments in 12 years hardly justifies anything.

As for Willis, I can attest to them having horrible service, shipping products that turned out to be the wrong ones or simply died because of poor quality.

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brandon7 TN_zone(7)

Webgator, Wallace-Woodstock could just have unusually bad luck when it comes to Garden Watchdog, but the negative reviews they do have combined with their lack of response to the complaints would make me, personally, a little hesitant to buy from them if I could source whatever I was looking for elsewhere. If you've had good luck with them and haven't already added a positive review, you might want to add your input. I find that usually there are ample sources, with very good reviews, for most of the stuff out there. Sometimes one must take a gamble, but it's good to know when you're doing that.

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