Electric log splitters

dmullen(Southern CA)July 22, 2012

I have a large 27 ton splitter for firewood and have a lot of oak flooring (probably a cubic yard)that I have been splitting into thin strips with a machete for starter wood.

It takes a really long time to split a good batch and have been wondering if one of those small 6-7 HP electric splitters would cut this flooring into narrow (1/4" wide) pieces.

I have not looked at the wedge on them so do not know if it is sharp enough to do this. They are often available used in this area for $60-$70 and I think they could be easily resold after I am done.


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1. I would be hard for me to believe you could get a 6-7 HP electric splitter for a reasonable cost (post the link of the model and cost you have in mind).

2. It's hard for me to visualize wanting to split the wood that small or saving time. I know it will start easier but would 1-2" very seasoned wood with newspaper not start well enough? I know the chore from cutting pallets and etc about 12" long with the band saw or chainsaw. Then, chipping with a hatchet from there for starter wood used with newspaper.

3. Actually once the wood burning season starts, I keep coals going that easily starts 1-2" wood.

4. You are on task getting started now vs then. But, In CA, Come On! LOL. Will it freeze there?

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Since there's almost 750 Watts to equal 1 HP @ 100% efficiency, you would be talking (in a perfect world)4500-5250 Watts.
that's over 20 AMPS @ 220V.
I have a hunch you meant a 4 ton?

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dmullen(Southern CA)

I did mean Ton instead of HP.

We burn a lot of wood in cold weather and some is hard to start with newspaper. I also use wood from wood pallets that is split fine and it works for starting fires too.

The wood flooring is hard to light too unless cut into thin pieces. Then, it makes starting a fire with any kind of wood much easier.

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Getting a 6-7 Ton Electric for a "reasonable" cost would require a lucky find in a yard sale or on Craig's List. A 4-Ton unit new at Home Depot is doable, and it should handle your kindling splitting. Save your receipt and return it if it doesn't.

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The electric units would have no problem splitting the wood but the only concern would be how accurate they would split. The wedges usually are not that sharp and would definitely have to be sharpened. Either way though, the splitter is not that precise when splitting.

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Many ideas are out there but not w/o some work and designing if they are not on the market. Most of all, are they rational toward your need. Below are a few links that I noticed and there are many more. Please post a picture of the wood you want to split. I hate to believe you do not want the exercise (of manually splitting 12" long wood into 1" kindling, that would save a few fingers and time). I feel your Challenge!! I cut small clean 12" long kindling by the hands full (but not worked 1/4" thick vs 1"+) and that's a job.

# 1 Idea to work with your large splitter.

# 1 & #2 Are good ideas with your large splitter but a challenge for 1/4" split wood.

# 3 Smart Splitter Splitting Kindling (manually).

# 4 Make a kindling machine adapter to work with you large splitter (that will split a cu ft per stroke w/o binding or wood has to push wood through the adapter)

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dmullen(Southern CA)

Maybe I will just continue to split the oak flooring but cut it into wider pieces. It usually takes an hour or so to split it into a couple of buckets of 1/4" pieces. Thanks for your replies.

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If you have a surplus of the flooring and will be getting more from a constant source, I would consider making a jig for the slitter. Northern Tools did show a splitter that you could sit on your single splitting wedge that would quarter logs or wood. It gave me the idea to make a slip-on splitter (attached) to quarter 8-10"+ long, small 6-8"+ dia wood for BBQ that was eating my time. It works well and I can see you making or purchasing their wedges at the link below to split a bundle of boards in a restricted container where the boards are recesses in or out and a modified travel would split 3/4th or more of their pre-cut lengths. It could easily be an adapter on the market, due some of the videos using something similar. A good project, that can probably be purchased for the cost of materials and less excessive grinding and welding.


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