troubleshooting troy-bilt tiller issue

johndoe1July 12, 2010

I bought a used troy-bilt tiller with an 8hp kohler engine. Tiller is in excellent condition. Strange there is a Y-Cable in a black shroud. On top of the Belt Adjustment Bolt there rests another bolt that has wires attached. This Bolt separates from the Lower Bolt when you engage the Wheels.

When I engage the Drive which lifts the Top Bolt off of the lower adjustment bolt the engine quits or if I let them contact each other the engine will continue to run.

If I put tiller in Reverse which does not separate the two bolts it works.

Grounding issue of some sort is my guess but I have no clue how to resolve it as I never got any manuals with the Tiller. Any idea what I need to do to resolve this odd behavior?

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I'd try connecing the two bolts with a piece of insulated wire, and see if that makes it run right. You'd have to bare the ends of the wires so they make contact with the bolts. Sort of a weird set-up!

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It sounds like a safety device because with the Horse you can lock the trans in forward and take your hands off and it keeps on going. Maybe this wire was used in conjunction with another hand grip.

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Another idea of how to protect the dumbos amongst us! With that set-up, there is no way you can get yer feet in the tines, because they aren't going to turn with the engine not running!
I have heard that the safety gurus have decided that parachutes are highly dangerous, so the guvment has decreed that there will no longer be a rip-cord to open the chute, and there will be a 30,456 word warning to all prospective users! They figure nobody in their right mind will try to use the chute!;o)

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