Husqvarna 45 Chainsaw leaks chain oil

mikosh6July 26, 2010

I have had this chainsaw for 12 years and have noticed this problem slowly seems to be getting worse. When I start it up and let it idle a puddle of chain oil will collect under the saw. The chain is lubricating very well. There seems to be no adjustment for chain oil flow. Any ideas what the problem might be?



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The internal ball check is fouled . Disassembly of the chain , bar and clutch sometimes is required to cleanout and inspect the flow from the pump and oil gallery . Most likely a dealer project unless your handy .

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Some saws put out oil at idle which is normal some don't. I don't know which a Husky 45 is but if it's one that oils at idle the only solution is to turn it off. Steve

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Thanks for the replies. Ewalk would you know where the check valve is located on this saw. I suspect your right and it needs cleaning. The manual says to check the oil reservoir each time you fill with gas. My oil reservoir is always empty long before the gas tank is!

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Mike: It would be internal just downstream of the Oil Pump . Your Saw Vintage is is the for-runner of the 55 Rancher and current 455 Rancher Series . A real workhorse high torgue low rpm unit. I am sure you have been quite pleased with its performance , I currently have a 455 myself , along with a 348-XP and MS-361 . To answer you again , unless you have a Operators Manual I would strongly suggest you play the money for this service at the Dealer . I would think $30.00-$40.00 dollar range . If memory serves me correctly the clutch basket has to be removed on your saw to access the pump orifice orientation area . I remember the Older Homelite and Pioneers having a dedicated orifice that regulated the flow and always allowed some total loss via pump head pressure once the saw was shut off , but I believe your unit has the ball check unit to prevent oil loss once oil system pressure is eliminated when the saw is shut down . Sorry it's been yrs since I replaced a clutch witihin a Older Husky .

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Thanks ewalk. I've had no problems, other than this excessive chain oil flow, with this saw since I purchased it; I think it was after my old Pioneer gave up in 1998 during the huge ice storm we had here in Ontario and Quebec. I'll take your advice and visit a repair shop!


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Well Fellow Canuck I remember the Ice Storms of 1997-98 Myself. I had Ton's of Northern Ontario Snow to Move lol. Also had more than a even dozen Old Mac's and Pioneers back in the 60's & 70's .
You have a Great Saw Model . Spend a Few $$ and Be Happy !

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