Uh oh: used gas without oil briefly in a trimmer

herricjbJuly 17, 2013

I goofed up! I accidentally put straight gas in my Shindaiwa trimmer. It ran a few minutes then stopped and wouldn't start. That's when I realized what I had done. I think the engine seized up (it wouldn't pull to start).

Is there anything I can do?

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My experience was no damage when I loaned a saw in the 70s and he did not use my mix vs his straight fuel without mix. I feel it was old gas that saved the saw. I disassembled the saw and found no damage. Today, I would only pull the muffler to inspect the Cylinder on 2 cycleâÂÂs vs the crank also. IMO you will have cyl damage before crank damage. Opinions??

This sounds like my recent concentration. Not Good!

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I had a STIHL blower brought to me that had straight gas ran in it, locking it up. What I did was remove spark plug, sprayed a LOT of PB Blaster in it, and some oil....every day I would put a wooden dowel on top of piston through the plug hole, and gently tap it a few times. After a week or so, the piston moved...I was able to pull it through after that, though I did it very slowly....with plenty of oil in cylinder. It is still running, now 13 years later :)

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Snuffy, that sounds like the sort of thing I was thinking of. What's PB blaster?

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PB Blaster is penetrating oil ("thin oil is the point"). The same was recommended for a Zero Turn Mower that was run with low oil. It was forcer to turn by hand, and then started. A year later it is running without burning oil or symptoms of damages.

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tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)

I keep my 2-stroke gas in a steel 1 gallon can. My red plastic 2.5 gal and 5 gal plastic cans only have gas (with stabil). When I need two stroke gas I always reach for the steel can. Don't see how I could ever make a mistake.

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Okay, I got the piston to move a little. What now, put 2-cycle oil in the cylinder and move it slowly?

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Keep working it. It may run again and may not. If you ran it till it siezed the piston you have definitely done damage and shortened it's life.

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Herr: Depending on how long you ran the unit prior to identifying your mistake , all may be salvageable. Normally 2-strokes have enough residual oil within the crankcase to protect the bottom end in this case. The rings will partially seize prior to bottom end destruction. You may get away with minor scuffing of the cylinder . A light application of breakin oil may free up the top end otherwise a light iron oxide sanding (deglazing) of the cylinder would be appropriate. In lieu of break in oil Crown penetrate and lube or Sea-Foam Creep lube will also do a god job.

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