heavy duty digging fork challenge

turbo_tpl(z7a Richland WA)July 7, 2010

I've just been through two so-called heavy duty forks, and both had the same problem occur nearly immediately with the first use - the head pops out of the handle. These forks just have a male-female connection in which the head slides into the hollow end of the fork. This is an awful design, and only useful for throwing straw and the like. Once it breaks, there is no way (that I've figured out) to repair it for heavy use.

I need a fork that will break heavy, compacted, rocky, root-filled Virginia clay soils. I usually double or triple dig my landscaping beds and holes for planting trees. Therefore, it needs to be able to handle me essentially throwing my weight on it to break the soil.

Any thoughts/suggestions? I've seen broadforks that look like they might be promising. Are there designs that are a single piece, rather than two pieces with a crappy connection between the two (e.g. glue)?

Thanks in advance!!

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Can you drill thru the wood, ferrule and the tang and put a pin thru it all?

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A good spading fork will be expensive. A couple of candidates are the Clarington Strapped Garden Fork and the deWit Store Forged Four-Tine Digging Fork. However, I am still shopping for a heavy duty spading fork, myself. I have broken the handle out of a couple of "ordinary" spading forks, and wonder if the handle itself shouldn't be made out of steel or titanium.


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