Trapping Gophers

dmullen(Southern CA)July 27, 2012

I have had good luck with Macabee traps for many years with very few failures. I had another failure yesterday.

After setting up traps pointing both ways in the tunnel, I covered it and waited. This morning, I uncovered the hole I dug to place the traps and it was full to the top with dirt.

This is the third time this has happened in the last 10 years and I cannot figure out how the gopher fills the hole so full without getting around the traps and working from the top.

Has anyone been able to catch a gopher after this happens? I think I did a few years ago by placing two traps facing each direction but am not sure.

Is there a better way to finally catch the smart ones?

I also use an injecter to place poison in the tunnels but the trouble with that is that you never know if you got them or not.

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I have always set traps and had good success but with rare failures as well. I have never worried about it. I had assumed that the escaping gopher had just been obliviously creating more tunnel and pushing dirt out of the way into the trap.

I assume that normally a gopher runs into the trap because it is exploreing why its tunnel has been disturbed or exposed. Therefore, I usually made a slight effort not to cover my set traps completely to entice a gopher to do some exploreation.

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I've been having problems caused by ground-hogs, in my old garage out back. They dug a tunnel along side the inner wall of the garage (wood frame on concrete blocks). So, i fixed that. I stuffed an eight foot 2x4 into the tunnel, and then covered the opening with a lot of dirt. Danged critter ain't dug that way any more!
I set a trap for it, but he ignores it. What to do? I sent all of my guns to my son. Except for a 12 ga. shotgun. Guess I'll have to set down by the garage and wait!

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dmullen(Southern CA)

It looks like I will just have to give up on this one. Thanks

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I live in a small town and groundhogs are every where. Most have their dens under out buildings and are hard to get to. Some people have had to put up electric fences low to the ground around their gardens. They can destroy a garden over night. The smart ones just dig under the fence after they have been zapped once. Last year and this year i have eliminated around 45 groundhogs and raccoons. Haven't made a dent in the population of either.

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