Converting old pop-up camper to shed trailer

blueberrier1July 12, 2007

Any hints for efficient conversion of the camper frame for use as a movable shed base?

Half done stripping the camper pieces off the main frame. Recycling the metal sheathing, stove and sink; the fiberglass(?) roof will become the roof of a small fuel shed; the rest goes to the landfill.

Wheelwells seem to be a heavy plastic and need to be encased. Would like to overhang the base frame. Ultimate goal is to use the frame for the base of a mobile chicken house...maybe a hoop house style.

Advantage to me would be the fact that I can pivot the trailer in a short radius at one end of a hayfield, providing multiple forage areas conveniently. Has anyone done something similar?

Thanks...have learned so much from this forum.


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canguy(British Columbia)

What do you have to lose by trying? The frame, springs, and axle might be a little light though.

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If the leaf springs are on the underside of the axle, you should be able to flip the axle and mount the springs on top, then you wouldn't need as much of a wheelwell, I did this on my popup camper worked great. You should be able to bolt the frame of the shed right thru the frame of the trailer. I don't think you would have a weight issue. Doesn't sound like your going to be using it on the road.


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A mobile chicken coop like this?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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