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sumitsonJuly 24, 2012

I am looking to get trimmer line. I just got an Echo SRM-225 and am having trouble edging, but don't have the space for an edger or the money for one and would like to do as much as I can with the SRM-225 as far as edging is concerned. However, the rino-tuff .105" diameter line I have right now is terrible and I'm not sure what the echo came with, but whatever line it came with (crossfire i'm guessing, wasn't much better.) I read on a site which compared the best trimmer lines after searching through forums that echo crossfire had the most picks, I couldn't possibly see why, but anyway craftsman .095" for $9.49, says that it's commercial grade and it has good reviews on the sears site. I definitely don't want to buy online and lowes only seems to have husqvarna and I read somebody said that was a joke so I dont' want to take the risk like I did with rino-tuff. Hopefully they take the return and won't notice I took 30 feet of line from the package.

Has anybody used craftsman brand trimmer line? If so, what do you think of it, especially with an echo srm-225 which IMO is too tall for people like me (5'6") but i've already returned the last two trimmers and i'm not going to get a fixed line trimmer like the gt 225 and I like speed feed so i'm sticking with the srm but I think excellent line would make the difference since the edges haven't been done in at least 15 years and I managed to get the outer curb edged decently enough but the edges around the lawn seem next to impossible so I need line that is extremely durable like steel wire and indestrucible like all the misleading reviews for the rino tuff said.

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The art of edging????? There is art to edging and cutting along chain link fence. IMO these are just of the rules I try to follow: Don't over rev the engine, using too much speed to do the job. Don't get too close to the object you are trimming or edging around, Right RPM and right distances (just close enough to cut the grass, but not slap on the concrete or chain link fence). Usually this will use up minimum amount of line. I can do probably 300 feet of chain link fence and edge 100 foot concrete without having to advance string I buy whats on sale usually the orange .095 string, but can use .080 without problems. Too thin or too thick string causes problems for me.

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sumitson, personally I have gotten good use out of Husqvarna Titanium line, which is what I use on my Echo 225. It has been clearly superior to whatever came with my trimmer when it was new. I admit that I can't get down 300' of chain link and a hundred feet of concrete with changing line, but I'm not dissatisfied with the service I get out of the Titanium.

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IMO can't point out enough that RPM speed (just fast enough to clip the grass) and distance (watch the string line at the cutting end) just enough to clip the grass but not lapping the concrete. This method will not wear the string long ways and use the tip of the string which will reduce the amount of string you us (you can look at your string and see the long wear pattern if you too close to ground, concrete, or chain link fence).

IMO when doing chain link fence use very little throttle alowing the string to whip into but not around the links clipping the grass (this low speed method requires the cutting end of the string to be about 1/2" or maybe 1" closer to the chain link to get the grass beyond the side your cutting on)(again too much throttle will wear, snap, or pull the string out of the reel head). Usually just off idle is enough to clip the grass and not rip the string off or wrap it around the links and pull excess string out. I seldom run the stringer at full RPM and only use the cuttting tip of the trimmer line to cut the grass. Full RPM IMO will just wear the string down along with incorrect distance and use up the spool of string really fast.

People who make living trimming don't have time to use the low throttle method, but they still watch the cutting end of the string and use it and not let the string slap wearing the string length wise.

Some may say that low RPM with cause overheating. I have NEVER ruint trimmer, stringer head, or shaft. None of my trimmers are less 10 years old. One I brought new 10 years ago and the rest I've pulled out of the trash cleaned them up and still using them 5 years later or more. So if running them at low speed downgrades there duribility then I will only get 25 Plus years out of them instead of the usual life cycle of most trimmers maybe 5 to 6 years IMO.

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