Breaking String Trimmer Line Excessively.

loger_gwJuly 16, 2010

Breaking String Trimmer Line Excessively.

I have not found the key to not breaking all brands of line on gas string trimmers in years vs initial electric trimmers. I will break the line 8-10 times on a 70Â X 120Â yard with all fence, drive, sidewalk, house, flowerbeds and 5 trees, etc needing trimming next to concrete. Do you have this problem or have solutions? My best solution has been a hard blade on a 2nd trimmer that will do 95% of my trimming. I must admit I feather or bevel my trimming at about a 45-degree or more to reduce trimming to every 2-3 cuttings. The hard blade is faster but heavier and louder. loger

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canguy(British Columbia)

Try soaking the line in water over night before using. Dry line gets brittle.

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A lot of people think that have run the trimmer at max throttle--you don't. I had the same problem until someone on this forum recommended a bit less throttle (75%) and now I use much less line. If you smack the line into concrete--nothing will last this way. Go easy on it. The line is supposed to wear out but if you push it it may only last a minute. Bottom line, you are probably too rough on it and/or the throttle is higher than it should be. The throttle should be open enough to cut. Any more and you are wasting gas and your line--not to mention money, Try it.

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Thanks canguy & zoulas,

Canguy, I was told once to use WD-40 to reduce the friction at the eye where the line comes out of the head. That is where it breaks vs wearing out. I tried it 1-2 times and purchased a needed new Echo (200.00 Ver.) without luck.

Zoulas, I know exactly what you are saying and try to hold off on the acceleration, which is a chore. Just this week , I added a short section of rubber hose on the accelerator handle to reduce the travel and it works at a good low speed ("with the pedal to the metal"). That's with my hard blade trimmer.

I find the same problem with one of my mulching mowers and plan to adjust the accelerator, bend something or adapt something to reduce the excessive speed and waste of fuel.

Thanks to both of you for replying with good ideas. loger

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High speed is a definite contributing factor. A couple of other things you might try: Sears has or used to an "XQ" trimmer line "71-85761" which is extruded with a slow twist like a drill. It's supposed to be quieter, but it also is more break resistant. What works best for me with my Stihl is their "X-line" which has a .095 dia. which fits a .080 head. viewed "end on" it looks like a phillips head screwdriver. Picture a round line with 4 "half circles" cut out resulting in an + but with rounded edges. I'm not describing it very well, but it works.

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I rarely run my trimmer at high speed. I run it just fast enough to whip in and out of the chain link fence, I got at least 700 feet to go down and maybe I bump the string out twice if that. That speed is verily off idle.

As mentioned above your RPM at the string head is too fast the chain link will cut if off, the concrete will wear it down. even the ground will wear it down at full throttle. IMO there is no reason to run if faster than it take to shear the grass off.

there is a art to bumping the string out, winding in on the spool so it will come out, and feathering the throttle so you don't break or wear the string out fast at high RPM. Also the is an ART getting the right distance when trimming. All these things factor in when trimming with string.

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If it has been on the market the last 10 years IÂve tried it. The Weed Wacker, heavier and different shaped line (stihlÂs), individual lines attachments. Which means IÂm the problem. The hard blade is faster and great but not as versatile as the string. Believe It Or Not! IÂm not rolling the wheel on the concrete as designed vs traveling backward. The wheel is in the grass or against the concrete and the blade at a 45-degree angle to the ground or less. This allows less trimming and works for me. I doubt this would work with my 200.00 Echo vs my Green Machine that was designed with the split shaft and supports string or hard blade attachments. I had a Stihl as I see used commercially but it had a straight 3/8" solid steel drive shaft. That was too heavy and long vs the slightly curved shaft with a cable. I thought I would be eating the hard blades next to the concrete but no problems with one blade in 2 seasons. I did have to protect some sprinkler heads with thicker PVC.


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Loger : I would agree that your style or application of usage is the basic cause . As CG and RC have advised proper usage and technique will prolong the life of your trimmer line. I have seen the New Style Double Helix Line that Commercial Trimmers User for Heavy Grass & Weeds and Rave about but have not needed to upgrade since my .095 works well within my Use . It is available in most Lawn & Garden Jobbers Stores in various sizes .

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I know this is a bit of a necro-post but it's high on google search results so I figured i'd throw my solution in anyway.. I just came in from (attempting) a weed-whacking job around my neighbors unmowed yard.. It's like 5-foot high Johnson grass back there.. Needs a liberal application of agent orange tbh.... After 10+ line breaks in maybe 20 feet (the exposed line melts at the eye and flies away), I came inside and searched for a solution. Lower throttle bought me an extra minute or two between breaks but the solution for me was the WD-40. I sprayed a second or two worth into the eye and onto the reel of string and didn't have any more line breaks!! The line toughed it out through the whole yard (aside from normal wear ofc)! I noticed the line was kind of powdery looking when I wound it this time so maybe the manufacturer had put too much talc or something on there and it was generating friction at the eye. I bet the extra WD-40 I sprayed onto the reel is slinging off at high rpm and keeping the eye/outer layers of string oiled. Anyway, if you're having frequent melts+break-offs and your line looks a little powdery, oil it up! You'll be whacking along at full throttle in no time!

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Thanks! This WD-40 (which I had heard of) should work for the heaviest line I can find, pre-cut 20â sections, force them out the eyes on each sides, this leaves 8â of line on each sides. If IâÂÂm slower and careful to âÂÂUsing The Tip EasyâÂÂ, I can trim 800+ ft on one 20â precut string. This is at a slight bevel vs straight. My 45 degree bevel is best at the start of the season and Either Or Trimmer afterwards. Both string and blade are on straight shafts powered by Echo SMR10.

Our grass next to the concrete curbs, drives, side walks and Etc concrete did not come out from the winterâÂÂs dormant stage as strong and healthy as in the past. Any ideas on why this was a first that I remember? This will contribute to erosion with good rains.

The string will run into the grass too often when too much of the tip is used. When I get a chance IâÂÂll experiment with a single small light weight wheel vs two that I have seen vs used. I hope it will work as well as one on the hard blade that helps with weight and control. The bevel or straight and weight will be the challenge. There is no end to experimenting and Liquid Edger where it is not noticeable or causing erosion.

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Just an observation: Isn't it amazing how many things WD-40 is used for besides Water Dispersal? I recently found out that at "paid" catfish lakes, they check tackle boxes to make sure you don't have a can of it. Evidently it even attracts catfish?

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