Manual Splitting Will Get To Your Body

loger_gwJuly 28, 2011

The Manual Splitting Will Get To Your Body Sooner Or Later IMO!! I had fun for years Splitting Wood For Fun, Fuel And Exercise. After about 30 + years I started feeling the wear. I started selecting better smaller wood, using my saws and hired help more. I promised myself not to bring over 12" dia wood home and I started splitting from my knees due to back pains.

Now I'm back to doing more since a friend gave me a Hydraulic Log Splitter. It has split my new limit of 24" dia Oak wood without any problems. I have friends that are cutting their wood in blocks vs splitting. You can say burning wood is a habit vs a must in North Tx. Natural gas is probably cheaper which I supplement, plus I have the electric heating option. Firewood within a reasonable driving distance is a thing of the past here. I work mainly the tree trimmings on the curbs (as I see it all year vs just winter) and some clearing. loger

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Depends on whether one keeps up on overall core strength. Any chronic back pain is a result of weak core muscles, not activities.

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Loger: Have split wood manually for over 40 yrs , having had a hip replacement a yr ago it is not nearly as efficient as previous. I will most likely be purchasing a wood splitter out of necessity within a few yrs . For younger people with reasonable health manual splitting is a healthy exercise when done properly , not for the faint of heart or back ! :)

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Pnbrown, Very good point! My back gave me that "known belt line shock" yesterday at 6:30AM as I hurried to beat the heat on our 5-day a week 2 mi walk. I jogged and etc for exercise about 25 yrs before having to settle for walking. Jogging/Walking/Working is not enough. Chronic back pains needs specific exercises to help the back's weak core muscles. Lazy Me! I have worked with MD Pain Specialist, Trainers and Rehab Facilities but hate to think working and walking is not enough. I know the needed exercises and hope I learn to practice them more soon. Versus being put out of commission basically 3 days to recover and feel healthy on my feet if as in the past.

My original reference was the shock and labor the body endures after you start the loss of younger muscle mass. loger

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Loger: 1st thing to stop is any high impact related training . Having ran for over 20 yrs for endurance and muscle tone during my Hockey Playing Days as a Cross Training Excersise Program , i can assure you there are more 40+ yr olds in the Hip Replacement line then you can shake a stick at from pounding the pavement lol . Stick to brisk walking when you back settles down or bicycling and swimming as core stengthening activities. Never have had a chronic back issue fortuately but have had a rather active life style . Look after that back herniated discs are no fun . If you have that spare tire , get rid of it in that Texas Heat with some healthy exercise all the Best Dude !

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Ewalk, Good Point,"If you have that spare tire"! At 6', 205 lbs, this Tx Heat Wave is keeping me inside (except for my 6:30 AM walk and mild projects/work until 10:00 AM). The Tire Has Inflated About 5 lbs. LOL. Which I know is bad for the back. Plus, not working on a table and stool vs the floor and chair or knees is also bad from bending and getting up/down. I'm still learning (After ?? Years) that I need to slow down, setup properly since I have the table and time. loger

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The trouble I find when I borrowed my father's splitter, that it is really a 2 man operation. A splitting maul doesnt have a choke. I split for less than an hour. . Likewise, I only cut a tank of gas in the saw. In my 20s, I would cut and stack. then drive 20 miles with a cord of white oak. Then work my 2nd shift job at the ship yard. IIRC, I had a 34" waist then. Now its 40 yrs later and the waist is 40" .

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I have found that I get all the exercise I need by getting up and walking over to the thermostat to adjust it.

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ewalk-Actually I made a facetious remark about a serious subject. Many, if not most, who perform physically demanding tasks for an extended period end up wrecking their bodies. Once the joints and back start going they generally get progressively worse. A lot of 50 or 60-somethings think they can keep going like 20-somethings and they will pay the price.

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Evd: Could not agree more. I would lower the age limit though to around 40+ somethings . I remember very well us Old-Timers still competing with the Young-Guns (20 + Yr Olds) within our 40's and doing quite well but playing competitively at Hockey , Fastball...etc ! at this advanced age the only Real Winner was Father Time lol. Oh well now Horse Shoes , Billiards are the Sports of Choice . If I had to do it again I certainly would have slowed down a little sooner :) Enjoyed it to the Max but your correct my Body Finally paid the Price !

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How can we pass this warning on? As you remember we were warned how to do what not to do but our Ego got the best of us. I guess we need to "modify" the warnings because the average young person wants to do less compared to our generation and before us. BUT! We need to keep pushing them because we are looking at a generation that is doing less as our history fades. My theory was to get an education, profession and basic skills vs depending on others. To have skills today you are basically a specialist that can save yourself a ton of frustrations and money. Later And Forgive The frustration! loger

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Well said Loger ! As they said to us and I believe still do , Moderate Exercise and Healthy Foods will Keep You Young ...Longer :)

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turnkey4099(SE WA)

I'm still out there cutting and splitting in my 70s. Drink too much beer in the winter with no activity so the 'tire' grows. Cut wood spring/summer/fall and it decreases but every year it gains more than it looses. Up to 236 a few weeks ago and that is after gaining 4 notches in the belt since last winter :).

I have a splitter but it only gets used on the knots/crotches and 'difficult' stuff, most gets the wedge/sledge/maul treatment.

Been very lucky heath wise. Only major problem was two hip replacements and I did the physical therapy religiously, even doubling the requested number of reps they wanted. Gladd I did. I don't even know anything was ever done to them.

Harry K

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20 yrs ago, I put a coat of stain on the front of the house in one day with a 4" paint brush. Now I'm pecking away at the same job an hour at a time. By the time I finish, it will be time to start over. :)

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Andy : Know the feeling , my grass cutting scenerio follows your thought process. Seems like I just finsh cutting (2.5 acres) mand its time to start all over again lol . The week sure flys by and the grass keeps on growing :)

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35 years ago I lived in a logging camp winters and worked piece work. An 800.00 dollar check in 1975 was good money for a weeks work. We did not get paid to cut and split 30 cord for the cook stoves and bunk houses so we got it done as fast as we could to get back to making money. The second year I could not even get a greenhorn to bet against me vs the 8 hp splitter. I used a 3 lbs. axe and could skive a stick every swing. 12 years ago I started wearing glasses and that combined with a slower swing I got my a kicked bad. AT 55 this year I made it threw 1/2 cord before walking to the house and doing the ice and ben gay. My son at 32 just finished in the top 20% in a marathon . His day job is computer tech. I try to tell him to make haste slowly or you will keep Ben gay in business. Will he listen, no He has to prove he is better than dad. The first time he beat me wrestling he hooked up when I was sleeping on the couch and he was 19. His answer to my unfair was "you told me always be ready". I'll have to do pay back soon or I will have to run him over with a wheel chair.LOL.

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Oops! My new limit is 12" logs but I have two friends with 24" log I plan to help on the halves? Usually it's not many, as 10 are waiting now for our schedules to work and possibly add more.

I have to agree with the 1st reply related to weak core muscles being my problem vs activities. I have a bulging disk (very hard to see w/MRI) and 2 degenerative disk that I know of. BUT! With proper exercises and stretching learned in physical therapy and walking 2 mi 5 days a week I feel fine (as long as I monitor my work). Actually I feel no affects of the disks if I d/n work too long too hard (2-4 hrs 2-4 days a week on physical projects. Which leaves plenty time for The Killer No End List Of Mental And Computer Projects. I'm learning to give many of these once called "Winter Projects" away vs spending good days inside. I stored too many for retirement that are too old now. Enough Said! Loger

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Loger: Happy your refreshed this old post .Equally Happy you are still active and enjoying your hobby of cutting wood . I just got back from a 4 day fishing trip with my son and two Grandsons. We cut old jack pine and cedar that had blow down and split same for our fire wood. It was entertaining to pass this on to the younger generation , watching the two youngin compete during the wood splitting . Weather was a surprise as we drove in to a winter squall up North which provided over a foot of fresh snow . The RV Gas Furnace worked overtime at night lol . The Whitefish netting was a success as I spent the majority of Sunday afternoon fileting over 40 + Fish . Guess the deep fryer and smoker will be busy this weekend lol . Enjoy your Fall Cutting Dude :)

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