Photos on flashlight, which designed by myself.

neoseikanAugust 5, 2009
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I bought my first LED light in 2002. Still have it and use it every day. Vast improvement over the bulb type.

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$179 for a small flashlight???? I don't think so.

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No. It's a big flashlight. LOL

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masiman(z7 VA)

Why would someone want to carry that big thing around when they can get a nice compact Surefire? or other flashlight. It's nice if you want lumens but at what looks like a large weight and size penalty. If you can improve on one of the four (power, duration, weight, size) and not affect the others or minimally so, then you might have something people would buy. Right now it looks like an interesting product for a small niche.

Did you do all the work to create this or are you part of a team, and what is your role? Thanks for disclosing that you are the maker.

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Emm. It's one light in our product line. Such as Surefire M6.
I am the designer of its structure, and director of the team.

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masiman(z7 VA)

I only see one light on the web page. You have a Spartanian II name but there is no information regarding that model. I assumed that the Spartanian does not yet exist or is still in development.

Congrats on the product. Candle Power Forum has a far greater in depth discussion of this light. If you are really into flashlights, this is probably one that should be on your list.

How would this light be desirable over other available lights? I'm trying to understand who would want this light professionally. From your website, I guess I could see firefighters using it, but some of the other user types seem like size and weight would weigh more. They can't get as much performance as the Legion II provides but they can get satisfactory performance in smaller size and weight.

Good luck with a very well designed light. I really wish you much success.

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Does this look like a classified ads page to you? Advertise your products somewhere else.
By the way. My home built 50 watt HID spotlight will light up objects as brightly as yours.......from a half mile away.

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we are flashlight manufactory in china,if any body interested in them,please contact me:

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Everything I have ever owned, that has turned
to JUNK, came from China. GO AWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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