cooking oil in compost?

jz500(5 NW PA)April 26, 2007

I have about 2 quarts of left over cooking oil, (Crisco vegetable oil) can I put that in my compost pile? I have a pile that is finished and a pile that is new, I am thinking of putting it in the new pile. Thoughts?

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How large is the new pile? If the new pile is large and the cooking oil would make up a small percentage of the pile, it should be ok. Make sure to mix it throughout the pile and not have it all concentrated in one spot.

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Cooking oils are fats and fats give the bacteria that digest the material in compost indigestion. It is not a good idea to add large, and this is, amounts of fats to your compost.

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jz500(5 NW PA)

Hmmm, well my pile is about 3x3 wide and about 2 feet high. Maybe I could include some rolaids?

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I would add it, but maybe add it a little at a time so you don't overwhelm the pile.

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Cornell University, the Rodale Institute, the Master Composter, and many other sources of good, solid composting information do not recommend adding fats to compost.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I have BIG compost piles - thanks to the ice storm and local tree timmers one is approx. 20'x15'x5' and gets turned with the tractor ;) and like kimmsr I avoid adding fats/oils. But that is because I hope to use it all up in my lifetime.

In any quantity, they can shut a pile down completely. But in your small pile, if composting time is no object and you have a steady source of other really good additives for your children and grandchildren to add go for it. ;)

Seriously, instead use it to kill weeds in the gravel drive or in the cracks on the cement patio. Leave it out of the compost pile.

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pablo_nh(z4/5 NH)

A couple cups would be fine. 2 quarts is a lot to add to that pile- and I'm the guy that always says "go ahead- throw it in!".

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curtludwig(New England)

I fail to see why adding fats would kill the pile...
Of course I drive a diesel car so I'd probably strain it good and run it...
Seriously though it came from vegetables, it'll compost. I probably wouldn't dump it all in at once but maybe a cup a week, it'll be gone in no time.

Ever accidentally spill motor oil? It takes a while but the ground recovers...

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pablo_nh(z4/5 NH)

It won't kill the pile- it makes it smell and will slow it down a great deal. It coats everything, smothering some of the microbes, and creating a small anaerobic region as well (oxygen doesn't dissolve well in oil). Yes, it is in vegetables, but in a very dilute form. There' gold in seawater as well...

Well, that's my guess. Anyway- whether I'm right or wrong on why it happens- I've seen that it does happen.

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jz500(5 NW PA)

I do like the idea of using it to kill weeds!

I really want to keep from having to take the oil to the landfill and would love to make use of it here.

I appreciate all the input and understand why some would or would not add it to a pile.

As for killing weeds, do you just pour a little on to smother the weed? I have a short gravel trail leading to the woods that I constantly weed. Will the vegee oil attract racoons? I have already had one destructive visit after having left cat food on my deck!!

I see coon skin hats for sale in my future!

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