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tanowickiFebruary 27, 2012

I have a dogwood in my front yard with a medusa-like branch area. I'm not sure which branches to prune. I'm thinking it's likely that three branches will go but would like some more opinions on which three and if it should be more or less. The medusa area is circled in red in the photos below. I tried to take a photo of the tree overall and then a few angles of the problem area.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5


you have failed to mention your goals???

obviously.. you arent limbing up to walk under ...

seems like its rather well shaped...

doesnt appear to interfere with the walkway, the front door.. nor the window ...

you just got some hankerin' to cut some wood.. or what.. lol .. get a new chainsaw for your birthday?????

yeah .... its old .. its been poorly pruned before... etc...

but so what...

name a goal ... otherwise.. leave it alone.. or get rid of it


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That area bugs me because it's unaesthetic. Additionally, it seems like that area just doesn't seem good for the tree - too much at one juncture. There are some other really poorly pruned areas that I'm hoping to fix or at least improve and figure while I'm at it...

Also, I like to prune.

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Much ado about nothing, far as I can tell. Except for your last statement-you like to prune!


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