Husqvarna Trimmer Collar Guard

stillstupidAugust 10, 2012

I've been searching everywhere to find a replacement part for my Husqvarna 325RX gas powered trimmer. I broke the collar guard (not grass guard) that prevents long strands of grass from being pulled into the upper portion of spinning head. Without it the long grass feeds right in to wrap around the head and jam it from spinning. Is there anyone who might know what I'm referring to and where I can find a replacement? I've been through a lot of part site searches and can find all manner of parts for my trimmer, except for the collar guard. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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1. Please post a picture of where the guard fits on the trimmer.

2. Please post a link showing the part.

3. Do you have local dealers or small engine shops that c/n help finding the part?

4. It sounds like it should be a minor part that I am not visualizing.

5. Is it a part that w/n come w/o ordering a major repair kit? That's Needed Used??

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Loger - About a week ago you responded to my plea for help finding what I referred to as a Husqvarna Trimmer Collar Guard. Thanks for replying, took me a bit to coordinate the tech necessary to get the photo that's attached to this message, but I've finally figured it out. You also asked for a link showing the part. Unfortunately that's the problem. I can't seem to find the part anywhere. Doesn't help much either not knowing the proper name for the part. When you view the photo I've attached, perhaps you'll know the correct term to identify the part that I have tinted red and thereby enable me to search for it successfully. Again thanks for your help. Still Stupid

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The part you want is 537046401 Grass Protector which sells all of the internet for about $5.00. E-Replacement, Parts-Tree, Norwalk Power, and others all have it for sale. Try a Google search with this p/n.

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ggoyeneche, That Is Excellent Help, Thanks! My question is, did the attached pic help you to know the needed part? With that info and diagram, the parts shows to be a few blocs at my local parts shop. Otherwise I had no idea of what part was needed. "Again & Again, A Pic Is Worth A 1000 Words"!! Especially when you can send one or some after getting the hang of the process. I send too many weekly just to share and stay in practice or it gets Fuzzy Again.

My next goal would be to make or find the part with stainless sheetmetal if breaking is an issue and worth the time.

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How long did the original last. If a couple years or more, buy two or three pieces to save shipping cost and just replace when needed. The part is only $4.50 to $5.00.

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ggoyeneche - Thanks for responding with the part number. Much obliged.

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