Kohler 22.5 hHP model CV22

donholtzApril 1, 2012

Mice got into my Craftsman/Kohler Command engine over the winter, not sure if this is what caused my problem. Anyone help me determine why gas is not getting from Fuel Filter to Carberator? Replaced fuel filter, that's not the problem. The part called Pump Fuel Pulse, is an odd little component that I don't understand.. It's self contained and has an input hose from the fuel filter and another input from the engine. The output goes to Carb. Im wondering if the 2nd input hose from the engine, which may be to produce a vacum, is dirty or clogged from the mice? I can start the engine with squirts of starter fluid, but it does not continue to run, becuase no gas is getting feed into Carb.

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Call it a Pulse fuel pump and it'll probably make more sense.

Crankcase "pulses" from the pistons going back & forth cause "pulses" that move a diaphragm back & forth in the fuel pump.
The "input" hose is from the tank and the "output" is to the fuel filter/carb.

The hose from the crankcase is the pulse hose.

I doubt if mice caused a problem there unless they ate through one of the hoses.
IF the pulse hose is old & cracked, it can leak and not deliver a strong enough vacuum/pressure pulse to the pump.
Hole in fuel line to the tank can suck air instead of fuel.

OR maybe you simply need a new fuel pump?

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I've got an issue with my Kohler CV22 also. Just replaced fuel filter, oil and oil filter, air filter, spark plugs. Forgot to change/remove gas last fall. Now it will turn over okay but will not "fire". Thought it might be the backfire solenoid, but took that out and it works fine. Also cleaned and checked the carb and it is okay. Ideas?

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Disregard my post above, got the problem solved. Turned out to be a cracked/split pressure hose to the fuel pump. Replaced and now everything is okay.

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