Echo Trimmer Question

flh69August 17, 2011

Model GT200BE

Wouldn't run without the choke closed so I cleaned the carb. Now it has great throttle response and runs great at high RPM but I can not get it to idle at a low enough speed to keep the head from spinning. If I slow the idle down it will just die.

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flh: You also may require tweaking of the low speed jet. This will allow you to reset the idle adjustment a little lower . Normally I set the low speed jet then the high speed and last but not least the idle so that the trimmer head is just about to begin to spin when warmed up.

Note: During your carb cleaning did you also inspect and clean the fuel filter . This if restricted will cause the irratic idle issue . Also ensure your air filter is clean and fuel tank is at least 1/2 full or more for proper carb tuning performance.

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Thnks for the reply.
I've tweaked the low speed & high speed jets in every direction. I also removed the fuel filter and tried it but no change.

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Fih69, Please give the general history before having to clean the carb etc. Such as:

1. Age and approx. use per season etc
2. Off season prep with additives or run "bone dry"
3. Gas additives per gal while in use
4. Any bad fuel lines replaced
5. How often were the filters and gas maintained
6. On a 1-5-scale w/5 being very good, how would you rate maintenance/service?

I'm trying to see if the trimmer lacked some maintenance/service, which is not always understood or practices. I feel on an avg. machinery will serve you well if it is maintained well. From personal experience, I realize some machinery is low quality or not respected as a blood flowing piece of equipment that needs care and conditions. No harm intended! Please have pity on me for trying to be honest about how some machinery is used and maintained and criticized. Machinery Needs Love & Care! loger

PS. After the responses, I'll tell who this is quoted from while he is LOL.

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"I realize some machinery is... not respected as a blood flowing piece of equipment that needs care and conditions... Machinery Needs Love & Care!"...I believe this is so true. I have always kept all my outdoor power equipment in the living room so we could always be close and as a result I think that it has run better and lasted longer than equipment that is left alone in a garage or, God forbid, in an outdoor shed all day. Unfortunately ex-wife never saw things the same way I did.

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This is not my trimmer. It belongs to a friend of mine. He never used any stabilizer and said he had been running it with the choke 1/2 closed or completley closed to trim with so that tells you how much pm was done on it. I showed him bottle of Sta-Bil and told him to go buy a bottle.
I think it will run enough to get him thru the season.
I'm not a mechanic but do tinker with stuff. I've never seen one act like this.

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Evd: ROFLMBO..again !

Flh: The cause of your concerns is apparent . Your friend has not used preventative maintenance within caring for this trimmer. As previously indicated ethanol fuel within a mth will gum up the internal fuel circuits of the trimmer carb. Use of the choke indicated that the primary fuel circuit has been compromised. Stabil at this point is useless. Buy a spray can of concentrated fuel cleaner (gumout) etc and remove the High & Low speed jets . Carefully insert a tag wire into the jet orifices and then spray cleaner with the orifices to remove any accumulate gum or varnish . Also spray an ounce or more within fresh fuel within the fuel tank and let sit for 20 minutes and then attempt to restart the unit . Once started keep it running with the choke then with choke off let it idle or slowly increase the rpm until the fuel additive completes the internal carb circuit cleaning , usually less than a tank will restore your unit . You will of course have to ensure your jets are returned to their original position for proper performance , both H&L are usually 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 turns out from bottomed . Try this and let us know how you make out , we can fine tune from there.

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