adjusting older Sears garage door operator

wallyxj7August 15, 2010

Hi. It looks like there are a few experts here. Can I get some help? Here's the story. I had an older Sears operator, model 139.53210, a 1/3 HP model. It is "old school" no sensors; just opens & closes the door. I had a bad spring on the door, and it put a strain on the operator, and chewed up the plastic gear. Fortuantly, I had a similar operator as a spare. It is a similar vintage Sears. It looks identical to the old one, with two differences. First, its 1/2 HP with model 13953600, and the remote has 9 switches instead of 7. So, anyway, I fixed the spring so the door is balanced now, and removed the old operator & installed the "new" one. My problem now is limits. The door only came about half-way up & stopped. Instead of using the limit adjustment screws, beacuse it was so far off, I did it "old school" by disconnecting the chain & moving the door up & reconnecting. This solved the "up" problem. But I'm having a "down" problem, which was already happening before I moved the drive chain. What happens is this: The door travels all the way to the "closed" position and stops. Then about 2 seconds later, it starts to travel back up. At first I thought it was the force adjustment being too sensitive & triggering the auto-reverse. So I adjusted the force control, and that's not it. Any ideas on this? maybe it's the sensitivity of the auto-reverse? But I don't see a way to adjust that. Remember, this is an old model; no sensor reflectors. Also, is there a way for me to use my old 7 dip switch remote control with the 9 switch operator? Thanks to all.

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I have a collection of these old Sears openers (mid 80s  90, at least 4 - 6 and all work from garage sales to friends 0  5.00) but only use 2. They have been tuff through storm damage and stripped gears as you mentioned. All repairs have worked well and they handle my 1968 solid 3/8 ply doors on 1/8" X 1-1/2" angle frames. My resistance has been during the winters and tensions have solved that. Suggestions:

1. Have you looked at the conditions of the tension screws inside the cover for wear (lube if rec) etc.?

2. Are the contacts clean and show ohm continuity if needed. I think I remember the tensions will adjust travel?

3. Have you felt the travel by hand of the door w/o the opener feeling for resistance?

4. Did you consider replacing the worn gear by drilling out the rivets and using self tapping screws or etc. to install new?

5. I feel the dips will have to match (but guessing). I have used a generic transmitter with my receiver.

I hope this will give you some ideas to work from. Loger

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Did you see this technical support # in a Sears Door Opener post down lower. I have learned to give technical support a call vs guessing. Unless! I realize they are off target due to age of equipment or etc. in many cases. Loger

"This number will get you to the technical support representative at the manufacturer for Craftsman openers. 1-800-528-5236 They will do their best to help you. I would also describe your previous problems."

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