Craftsman Chain Saw fuel line problem

Ray101August 2, 2008

I have a craftsman chain saw model 358.354830 that had a broken fuel line (very brittle) so i started taking it apart to replace it. I took the fuel filter & hose out of the tank and then i got side tracked. A couple of weeks later i got back to it. While looking at the fuel tank i see 2 holes and i only remember 1. I know that one is for the fuel line but i cant see what the 2nd one is for or where it might go. thanks for any help, Ray

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canguy(British Columbia)

The other one is for the primer return line from the carburetor

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thanks for reply, the only hose barb on carb is for the fuel line supply, I do not see a primer on this saw but yes I agree that would make sense why there are 2 holes in the tank. I'll look at the saw closer for primer button/etc. when I get home later today. thanks Ray

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took me awhile to get back to you all, hard drive craped out. OK , I got to this unit and I still don't see where this other hole from the gas tank would hook up to . there is no primer button on this unit that i can see. I have worked on some other saws and never ran into this before. Is it possable there was a plug or something in the other hole ? any more help ? thanks Ray

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The second hole is for the vent line to the tank. There should be a duckbill and connector in the tank on the end of this line.

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Okay what is a duckbill ? is it that little plastic peice with barbs on both ends (apx 1/2" to 3/4" long) & where does the vent side go thats on the outside of the tank ? Ray

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The duckbill is a rubber check valve that allows air in the tank but does not let fuel out. The barbed piece is a connector..insert the line through the tank, put the barbed fitting in it, put the duckbill on the end of the barbed connector- pull the line so that the connector comes to the top of the tank. The line outside the tank should be about 6" long and just lays on top of the tank.

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