double knockout rose deadheading

crosswindMay 27, 2009


I bought some Double knockout roses last year. I read that you do not need to deadhead them since the flowers fall off and then rebloom. Mine do not fall off?? They seem to act like other rose varieties and need deadheading? Whats the deal?


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schifferle(5b NE Kansas)

They don't need deadheading in order to re-bloom. The petals only are supposed to fall off. Deadheading spent blooms is optional for looks, but not necessary.

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Yes, the petals fall neatly, the "head" stays but becomes soon covered by new leaves and flowers, and the plant blooms nonetheless.

As mine are still very young, I have decided to deadhead them all this first year, with the hope to further speed their growth. But I am not sure this is effective, probably it's not.

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Thanks for clearing that up for me. I was starting to think they were some oher variety and the sellers mislabled them.

Thank You !

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billrose(z5 MO)

I have 13 first year double KO roses that are doing great. I have been deadheading just to keep them neat looking. My question is: Can I just snap the bloom off at the base of the bloom or do I need to cut back to a five leaf joint? They snap off easily, but leave a stub of a stem. Someone told me that I needed to cut back to the 5 leaf joint? I'd like some opinions from this group. Thanks for your responses. Rosalie

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diane_nj 6b/7a

You can just snap. The "5-leaflet leaf" thing is primarily to get long stems on hybrid teas. Have fun snapping, it is relaxing!

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billrose(z5 MO)

Thanks, Diane. That was the answer I was hoping for.

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