Tool shed skirting..need it??

dooley(Alberta,Canada)August 20, 2012

Moved a tool/storage shed in and it's blocked up. Side towards house has about 3" gap. Doesn't look bad. Other side is about 8-12".Not heated.

Have squirrels and mice in abundance so I'm thinking that rather than skirt it , making a nice sheltered area for the rodents to take up residence , I'd leave it exposed so the cold winter air would discourage taking up residency underneath.

Thoughts and comments appreciated.

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Years ago, i built a nice shed to keep my lawn tractor in. After some years had passed, some ground-hogs found the underside to be a good place to dig their new home! Alas and alack, those big rats ate the floor out of the shed, and piled up their diggings inside it! and, they are still there.
Also, in my dirt floored garage out back, they dug the dirt floor out, and ate some of the wooden walls, and spread the dirt all around my lawn mowers and other stuff! Piled it up 2 ft. high. And, tunneled all around the inner walls. I found one hole, so i shoved an eight foot 2x4 into the tunnel and filled in around it! There is only one foot of board sticking out of the filled-in tunnel. No digging there.

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ApprenticeGardener(7b or 8)

The more you enclose the base, the more welcoming it will become to critters. Leave the base open so they won't have corners to nestle into or to feel protected from local predators (even if that's just your outside or barn cat).

Best Wishes--Carl Atlanta GA (ex. Western NY where it's really cold)

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The kritters are going to move in whatever you do, skirting may well be a "WELCOME" sign to the field mice. Depending on what your shed is made of, skirting may be a moisture trap leading to wood deterioration. Absence of skirting would allow air to circulate more freely.

Good luck,


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Txs for the feed back. Not going to skirt it.

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