Size/Brand chainsaw

flyingace15August 19, 2010

I have a lot of Hickory and Oak trees around 10" to 15" that

need to be felled and bucked. This wood is dense! I'm used

to conifers.

What size (bar and engine) saw would be best for this kind

of cutting?

Thanks in advance.

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ironhat(So. Cent. PA)

Wow, imagine the hardwood potential? Why don't you call some loggers and inquire about making a trade - wood for services? Maybe the wood is too small but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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Fly: If Hickory and Oak in the dimensions you have indicated are the normal usage of a New Saw then a 60 + cc Unit is where to Start . 20 " Chain is Optimum but a 18 " could be utilized . Any of the Commercial Grade Saws would be appropriate . Husky , Stihl , Dolmar , Solo , Efco , Echo are the Most Prevalent Makita also make a Good Utility Saw . Let us know what Dealer or Manufacturer you prefer and we can narrow down the Field to a Specific Model .

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Thanks for the replies.

Iron, I don't want to take any more trees than what I need for firewood.

The saws I would consider buying available to me are Stihl and Husqvarna.

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ironhat(So. Cent. PA)

Wow, imagine the hardwood potential? Why don't you call some loggers and inquire about making a trade - wood for services? Maybe the wood is too small but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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Fly: You can't lose with either the Stihl MS-361 or the Husky 359-XP both 60 cc Pro Class Saws Magnesium Crankcase Adjustable Oilers in the $500+ Price Range . If you wish the Sthil Product you will have to hurry . The Dealers are getting low on this Model and is being replaced with the New 362 which has met with mixed reviews due to EPA Regulated Carb Issues .

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masiman(z7 VA)

I think you are closer to $600 on a Stihl MS361, not sure about the Husky 359.

For general all around cutting the 361 is pretty much best of them all. You can save some bucks and get a mid-level 60cc saw. It would differ in power and weight mainly. Something like a Stihl 290 or 390. I think people generally consider the 390 to be too heavy for what it is.

As for getting someone to cut it for you in exchange for some wood, good luck with that. Firewood cutters make so little money off their labor that I highly doubt you could find someone. I can't tell you how many jokes I hear about the Craigslist ads for "free wood, you just come over and chop it down. I'll give you half." Good for you if you do, just don't expect too much down that avenue.

If you can service your own 2-cycle engine, HD has great deals on their rental Makita 6401's. Pro class saw for less than a homeowner saw. Speaking of service, I need to get home and take care of what I hope is only a carb issue.

Good luck. Let us know what you decide on.

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Fly: Don't touch a 290 with a ten foot pole lol . The 390 if you are into Body Building would be ok ! Especially if you are intending to do a lot of Heavy Cutting , but it really is a boat anchor for normal weekend cutting . As far as pricing my Brother in-law just picked up a New 361 (left over) for $359.99 in Northern Michigan , The Husky is Priced normally a little cheaper . The 362 Stihl will be a Sellers Market .
Don't know where you are located but just do a Dealer search online and get the best pricing you can .

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Fly: Sorry for the typo $559.00 for the left over MS-361 Roflmbo for $300 and change I would have Hi-Jacked his Shipment :) .

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If the biggest is 16" a good 50cc saw would be fine also.
Husky 346xpne about $480
Stihl 260 or 261 expensive
Dolmar 5105 $420
Redmax G5000 $300 online , good saw
Stihl ms361 or 362 $580 to 680
Husky 359 357 and coming out with a 360
Echo CS600p A Pro saw that can be bought off Ebay for just over $400, dealers want $580, best buy out there if you know how to tune a saw, most come set to lean. Steve

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As Steve has indicated for weekend only cutting of Hard Woods a Stihl 260 or a Huskey 348-xp Pro class will run a 18 " Bar all day . Just a little Pricy for the occasional user , but the minimium size for your needs . If you wish to go less expensive and still have a reliable saw the Husky 455 or 460 Rancher Series can't be beat for the $$. 50 cc + range 3.5-3.7 Hp. But a torque lower revving unit Homeowner Class Saw $350-$400 Pricing . Both can run 18-20" Bars all day . Just a little heavier saw in the Stihl MS-390 Class . I have run both and actually Owned the 455 for a short term until I went to Professional Grade Saw . It's really up to you and Dealer support if you are not mechanically inclined . As Steve mentioned I would not hesitate on a Echo cs600p @ $400 either. But I service my own units and don't see a lot of Echo Dealers convenient as Stihl and Husky . I cut 4-8 cords a yr minimum and help my Son who also burns a little more so a Pro Class Saw was warranted . Good Luck on your purchase do your home work and you won't be disappointed . I would suggest you visit the Dealers and have them show and explain the features and make some actually cuts !

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Keep in my that home owner Husky and Stihl saws don't have as much quality or power per cc as Echo, Dolmar, Shindaiwa, Redmax or Efco saws yet they cost almost the same if you do a little shopping. Husky and Stihl Pro saws are good. Steve

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Yes , but Steve the OP wishs for Husky and Stihl Reference only . Your correct but try to find a local Dealer for your
suggestions , your advice is sound for you & I but not for occasional end-users Bro ! I agree you are correct in your power to cubic centimeter information.

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Too many people think that all Stihl and Husky saws are all the same quality when there is a world of difference between thier pro saws and home owner saws, kind of like a corvette and a chevette. Those other brands keep good quality in thier whole lineup. Steve

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Could not agree more Steve. As I have indicated previously the Wood Boss 290 Series has to be the worst Model Stihl has ever produced lol . Husky has a few Boat Anchors also. That is why I narrowed it down to the 50-60cc Pro Class of the Manuf. the OP Favoured . Like any Equipment or Tool Purchase especially when your spending $300.00-$600.00 you have to do your home work. You make a point that you get Pro-class from all the other 5 Manufactures at equal price or less , that I would hesitate to agree with . Only since I have not used or wrenched on their similar unit other than the Efco & Echo.
Attending a Dealership and comparing and actually using the Saw is the Key. Even if you are only shopping you are getting 1st hand knowledge to better use within your final selection. Buying from a Internet Box Store , you really have to know what your Specifications are and what it is that you are getting . I agree that the other 5 Manufacturers that you indicate have 1st class units , but hesitate to recommend same to a New Saw Owner unless he can Hold One and make a few cuts . I guess check the Yellow Pages and try to find local Dolmar or Echo , Redmax..etc Dealers is the point of info I would make. I have Echo , Stihl & Husky locally but would have to travel a few hundred miles for the other Brands . Good Post Bro !

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I bought a Stihl 029 Farm Boss in the early 90's and cut 4-6 cords of wood a year here in Washington till 2002 (switched to propane) plus I use the saw for general yard cleanup cutting and weed tree felling. I think it is an excellent saw, the 20 inch bar is plenty big enough, the controls are simple, chain tensioning is simple and intuitive, the saw runs strong and it doesn't weigh a ton. There are several Stihl dealers nearby if I need service, although I haven't yet. Good luck!!

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Rcl: The Older Farm Boss was the last Homeowner Series Saw that was worth it's weight . Since then Stihl has continued to cheapen their economy class saws . However Husky is guilty of the same practice lol. Glad to hear you are enjoying the Ole Girl . I have a few Oldies but Goodies also that I use for sentimental reasons to this day . Nothing like the Bark and Smell of Klotz Caster Oil when using my Old Pioneer's on a Cool Fall Morning ! :)

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