verticillium wilt and cedar hawthorn rust resistant tree

DoloresMFebruary 28, 2014

Hi - I removed a Japanese maple that I think had Verticillium wilt. Then planted a Winter King Hawthorn. The hawthorn looked great the first year, second year had yellow spots and dropped fruit. There is a Hollywood juniper nearby so I think the problem is Cedar hawthorn rust. Of course I could be wrong.

If I cut down the hawthorn, will the juniper be okay?
What can I plant that grows no more than 25 feet tall and is resistant to both of these diseases?

Thank you!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

why dont you get rid of the host ... the juniper... instead of working around the disease it hosts???

it will always have the rust.. its within the inherent nature of the beast ... [meaning i would not spend money on doing such]


ps: i wouldnt have removed the JM . unless i verified it had VW

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A mature Hollywood juniper is a rather appealing tree.....not sure I would be hasty about its removal, especially as it is not a strong carrier of the hawthorn rust pathogen.

Dogwoods are often suggested as a verticillium resistant replacement for JM's. Otherwise, you could consider a dwarf Katsura or a Stewartia or any conifer.

And it's usually rather easy to confirm if a Japanese maple contracts verticillium - the tree dies. And often quite rapidly at that.

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Hi ken - I thought that the hawthorn was the culprit. I have read that winter king green hawthorns are often trouble. And the juniper is way bigger, the hawthorn is young and easier to remove. If I take out the hawthorn, I was wondering if I could just spray the juniper which does not look too bad.
I took out the JM because one large half of the tree was dead. It was totaled suddenly! Very sad. Thank you for responding.

Hi gardengal48 - yes, the HJ is awesome! I was looking at verticillium resistant small trees. A Stewartia would be fabulous! Evergreen would be great too. It just seems like the spot is cursed! I planted the hawthorne where the JM was. Thanks for the tip!

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