Compost goodies; so it begins...

LesIsMore1(4/5 - Colorado)April 5, 2012

It's spring, here come the goodies...

Was so proud of myself... thanks to a load of manure a couple weeks ago ago, finally was able to use up my entire surplus of browns. (except for mulch mountain, except for sawdust) Was up early today, tucked away all my empty storage bins, raked, cleaned up that part of the yard. Headed off to the landfill with my 2 bags of unrecyclables. (first trip of the year) Felt good to be starting out fresh, so I'd have a clean slate for storing this years ingredients. Well, that didn't last long...

Arrived to the dump with 2 bags, left the dump with 10 bags stuffed in the back of my truck. All different kinds of yard waste, mostly leaves and long needle pine straw. (my favorite) On the way home, got to thinking. That makes (minus 8) bags of garbage that I brought to the dump should I apply that? Would it cancel out the 8 bags I brought to the landfill last year, or...should it be more like a credit towards future bags to the lanfill, for this year? (and likely into next year)

This is forcing me to re-thing things...what am I doing making a run to the landfill in winter months like December anyway! Instead of making 4 trips every 3 months, why not HOLD it all...until raking season kicks in. Even better...why not limit myself to bringing just one bag at a time? Because, right now I don't have any trash at all to bring back there...and I'd like to go back for another load. Maybe one of my neighbors will let be take one of the 8 bags they leave out on the curb every week.

(Hmm. Thinking on stealing regular bags of trash now, to make more excuses to visit the dump during the yard waste season...whats happening to me?)

Oh well, I'm off to get my storage bins back out from under the deck now. (the ones I just finished putting away this morning...good grief.) Time to divy up the loot and get this composting show back on the road...

Leslie in CO

(ps...I think I spotted an oak leaf in one of those bags, not sure...but can't wait to go look. That would be a freaking super treat, compared to boring old aspen...

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Somebody has it bad.



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Yup, that's one sick pup.

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LesIsMore1(4/5 - Colorado)

Oh come least half of you are just as bad as me, and you know it.

In my defense, I decided not to divy up the loot today after all, its still in the bags. Nor did I steal any regular trash as an excuse to go back. Decided to pressure wash first, doing that tomorrow...finished ripping out my raised beds instead. And holding off on peeking at the goodies too much, that'll be my reward (and primary motivation) for getting that yukky stuff over with...

(maybe a sick pup, but makes some groovy compost...:p

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Any time a sentence begins with, "In my defense..." you know it's not going well.

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Les, maybe you could start a club or something for that half that are a wee bit over the top such as yourself. You know, get together over coffee, start with "Hi, my name is Les and I'm a compost whacko" kind of thing. I'm sure the others inflicted with this obsession would appreciate the companionship and support.

I myself am normal so I will abstain, but that Jon guy down in Oregon might be a candidate as a leader.



P.S. BTW, once you start taking pictures of your compost, all hope for recovery is lost. Just beware of that.

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Getting together for coffee sounds great, for the grounds! We could always have a banana eating party for the peels too :) You know, like a barn-raising party but better!

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

I not only take photos of my compost, I post them online, so I guess that means...

Here is a link that might be useful: photo of my compost

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You people are out of control. LOL I love it. I'm learning so much from your insanity.

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My wife occasionally says something to the effect that she thinks I'm a bit "out there" with this compost addiction. Gosh, if she ever read these posts, she would realize that I'm but one of many, wonderfully actionable committed karmic opportunists (WACKOs) for compost.

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LesIsMore1(4/5 - Colorado)

Hey... lets be clear. When I said, half of you were at least as bad as me, I was naturally thinking the other 50% were worse. I'm just an amature... striving to measure up to the rest of you. I'll admit to being a compost wacko, but not worthy enough to bear the ultra wacko status...maybe someday.

( know your a wacko, if LLOYD thinks you've got it bad...

I can't be an ultra wacko. Still haven't gotten to open my goodies yet...little issue with the pressure washer, in that I didn't KNOW those things weighed 200 lbs. Had to buy lumber, build ramps, PROVE to the hardware store mechanic that I could really get it in and out of my truck by myself, and so on. (Yep, I really did that.) So I pressure washed the fence today, but if I'd known it would take so long....I wouldn't have picked up my birthday present this morning. (half ton of boulders) By the end of the day, ouch! My arms are killing me... which was not part of my grand design for this evening. Even went to get the grounds early today because I wasn't sure I could lift them if I waited. Could barely hike them up into my truck as it was. (so embarrassing)

I'm sure I'll be fine in the morning... its just lucky my pile is still hot, I doubt I could flip it right now if I tried. I'd be forced to sit on it, and kick it over with my feet. Maybe strap a couple broken shovels to my work boots, I don't know. Lets just hope the herd hangs in there for another day or too, so it won't come to that. I did check it over several times though...I had a nightmare the other night there were maggots in my pile...but all is well, it was just a bad dream.

On the bright side, I'm still able to type with my right finger. The rest of me is feeling paralyzed and/or inebriated, stopped at the liquer store on the way home...and I never drink, so have no tolerance. It'll be lights out within' minutes...

Going through those bags of yard waste tomorrow, if it kills me. I was planning to do that tonight, but never imagined a pressure washer could be quite this obnoxious...

And of course, I'll take pictures! I take a picture of this pile almost every day, because I promised my mom a time-enhanced video of the whole pile melting in a few minutes, from start to finish...

I think its time to tip over now...


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GawdinFever(z5b/St. Louis, MO)

I guess we're just as bad if we LOOK at pictures of your compost? (and others)...

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

Wait until you look forward to turning your pile so you can spend more time with your compost.

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LesIsMore1(4/5 - Colorado)

I already look forward to turning the pile(s)...its a good workout. The micro herd isn't ready yet...the thermometer decides when. Although, sometimes the weather has the power to veto. might rain Tues/, will flip tomorrow, whether the herd is ready or not. Hopefully my sore arms will be better by then. Moving in very slow motion today...setting boulders for more retaining wall, at a snails pace. If I finish that, then I can start unbagging goodies...patience is a virtue.

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tropical_thought(San Francisco)

Don't over do and hurt yourself. I messed up my shoulder when I got too involved in turning, but when you are really going full tilt you don't notice how much you hurt.

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