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smokercraftAugust 17, 2013

Are there any dealers in/near s/w Ohio with Husqvarna pole saws on the shelf for sale?

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You might want to take a look at the Echo power pruner. They offer a 5ft extension as an accessory. Original telescoped out length of our pruner was 12ft. With the extension, its 17ft. Add in half your height for a total or if working out of a bucket or off a truck bed you have decent reach. Ours has been bullet proof.

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I don't know if you have ever used a similar pole saw but if not, I would rent or borrow one for an hour or two to see what I thought about the weight and handling of any of the power pruners.

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For me the rem elect. works just fine. I have small gen. and 50 foot extension cord and I can take it anywhere I can't plug it in... It has more torque than the gas models lighter and way longer reach.

Some say they are plastic and don't hold up BS (due to their lack of ability and knowledge on how to operate and care for equipment) . If you do your part keep the chain tight, sharp and clean after every use it lasts Looooong time IMO..

I haven't wore my out it's 14 years old and still runs and looks like new. I have replaced the chain due to filing off all the teeth. So that's and option if you can plug it in or have generator....

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The 10â Remington Pole Saw has given me 10+ good years of service trouble free (up to 100â away vs a generator. Except for the plastic nut that locks the extension poles cracked. My fault of loaning a tool 2nd house away after an ice storm and his 2 cars were covered by his tree (that lived after trimming). I thought I could monitor his use from here but he used two pair channel locks too hard on the plastic extension pole nut.

That has been solved with the new models + with a flipping handle to tighten the extension poles. Plus the saw is detachable from the pole w/o a wrench to be used as a chainsaw (if my memory is correct). The flipping lock w/n adapt to my extension but a hose clamp allows the cracked nut to work (methylene chloride cement should weld the plastic back as new). The saw has been tuff with very good torque with the original chain since it has mainly cut green wood. I did make a second chain from regular chain stock as a backup chain.

It takes a good Man to use the saw âÂÂfully extendedâ at a safe angle away from falling limbs. The motor at the base of the extension vs the top as Remington has to make a difference in handling the weight of a pole saw (if the weight is as advertised vs the originals).

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