The Asian Long Horn Beetle that is causing damage to live trees

loger_gwAugust 13, 2013

The Asian Long Horn Beetle that is causing damage to live trees has light spots. The beetle that I have noticed in dead wood looks very close without spots. The boring damage looks the same except for in older dead wood vs live or fresh cut live wood.

This is an uncomfortable situation, because about 10-12 years ago we did loose a 8-10 year old Red Oak that had Beetle Larvae in it with no noticeable external boring vs internal under the bark.

I wanted to relate this beetle issue with storing wood too long. Except I have cut healthy Mesquite with no signs of Larvae until weeks after the mounds of dusts and boring appears. With over a cord from a new Industrial park being built, you could hear a noise coming from the boring. You would think the TX heat would help control the beetles but the boring is probably their shield against the heat.

I did send Pics and concerns to our County Extension Agent and was told that it only affected dead bark and wood.

Here is a link that might be useful: Asian Long Horn Beetle

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To move this post down I will share more and move on. My Grand came this morning and ask where is the bug. She knew we had collected one bug form the firewood and one I felt crawling on me in my sleep. I saved both collected as the one attached for professional evaluations X dangers (weeks before the TX Heat).

I had trashed the beetles but Grands haves memories I can not Remember. LOL

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