A word of caution for people that have public water and a well.

wertach zone 7-B SCAugust 30, 2013

I have both public and well water. I can open and close valves to use either one.

I use the well water for the taste and because it's cheaper. The public is only for power outages.

My power was off the other morning so I opened the public water valve and didn't bother with the valve at the well since I would have to remove the cover. I needed to take a shower and go to work. I just flipped off the breaker on the well.

When I got home, I went out to close the public water valve and I heard a hissing noise coming from the well.

The public water is much higher pressure and it blew out the seal on my pump! I have a new seal on the way......

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Yup,and when your water bill comes you may realize a few thousand gallons of public water went into the well.
You are suppose to have backflow prevention for the oppisite serinerio,maybe you should have one for both ways.

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Agree with Klem, while you're working on the pump would be a good time to add a check valve.


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wertach zone 7-B SC

Yes, I'm going to add a check valve to prevent that from happening again. I have a check valve in the public water line, I just never got around to adding one on the well.

I checked my water meter Klem, It appears that my foot valve is in good condition, I only used/lost 200 gallons, I've got 800 more gallons before I have to pay any extra!

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