homelite string trimmer won't run after washing

mvronAugust 24, 2012

I acquired the Homelite string trimmer - model d725cd -. It ran OK but the primer bulb was old and kind of brittle and carb area was pretty dirty. I removed then primer bulb and then decided to keep it. I gently - so I thought - tried to remove the grease in the carb area. Of course, now it work run at all. NO spark - nothing. I removed the fuel hoses that run from the fuel tank to the carb, they seem to be pumping fuel to the carb - although the primer bulb is so discolored, it's had to tell if enough is getting through. Any ideas what to check for? The unit has completely dried out following the wash. I'm a little concerned about the gasket that sits between the bottom of the primer bulb and the top of the carb. Even if it was damaged a little bit, wouldn't one get some kind of spark? Thanks for any ideas. It has good compression.

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Please share some more history as hrs or yrs of service, any PM maintenance over the years.

Instantly no fire:

1. I would suspect a shorted wire, wet wire or bad kill switch (disconnect the switch and check for fire).

2. Try a different and known good working plug. How are you checking for fire (grounded to metal)?

3. You would get fire with a bad gasket. Sucking air would be the issue with bad bulb/fuel lines/gaskets.

4. Post some or a good general Pic showing as much as possible of what you have worked with.

You have to look for the impossible at times, consider the quality of the trimmer (semi commercial or what)?

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I do some guessing starting off with NO spark? Did you bump the ign switch? look for disconnected wire or faulty switch (on or off switch just like house light switch) either it on or off can check using mulitmeter across the connections of the switch). Did you mess with the spark plug??? Check the gap. lay removed plug on head connected to the spark plug wire, switch to on and pull the rope. With the spark plug grounding against the head (touching) and the switch on You shoud see Blue spark if you pull the rope fast enough???? I bet it getting spark but no gas. Try priming it with carb. cleaner (providing you are not flooding it (spark plug would be wet??? if wet it won't fire) either directly into the cylinder bore (through the spark plug hole or down the carb venturi (hole in the carb.) As suggested above need alot more information and condition (plug wet or not, plug gap good, ign switch good, priming, and anything else you can think of???)

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There is no on/off switch. Just a kill switch once the engine starts. The plug looks a little wet - not extremely so. Like I said, it ran until I decided to clean/wash the unit - which I tried to do carefully. I'm going to test for spark next. Thanks for the ideas.

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Might want to check the kill switch make sure it's not broke in the kill mode. type I seen are spring loaded to unground when you take your finger off it. IF you have no fire you need to troubleshoot the switch and make sure it not grounding out in either position.

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I would confirm that the kill switch is not grounding out when open position as rc has indicated a multi meter will confirm its status.

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Thanks for the kill switch ideas. I will follow-up and report back.

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