Replacing Mackissic 12PT10 shredder hammers; groove pins

pcs2008(7)August 24, 2011

Hi - I am in the process of reversing the rotor assembly hammers on my Mackissic 12PT10 shredder. Some spacers missing also. In order to flip the hammers you have to remove the groove pins. I sprayed pins with WD40 and tried removing pins using a hammer and drift pin. Having no luck removing them.

Can anyone suggest another method for removing pins? I was thinking heat might help but not sure.

Any help appreciated,


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You could try a better lubricant such as Lubriplate or PB blaster. But yes, heat is the ultimate answer.

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I think that there may be an old thread on the subject.
I have forgotten what was in it. I suppose you were reading the instructions, but if not, using a drift is exactly what is directed AND/BUT the pins go in one way only! I suppose I should learn about this as I will have to do it eventually also.

By the way, at least several years ago, MacKissic answered their phones and gave advise.

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I remember the manual for my SC 183 says to address the situation with a punch to hopefully free the bolt as it is loctited, and heat if necessary. Hopefully the online help will come through for you.

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Success - Heat did the trick!!

Thank you all for your help...


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