Any modern cultivating tractors?

marylandmojo(zone 7--Md.)April 1, 2009

Guess I'm out of the loop as far as modern cultivating tractors go--if there are any. We used to cultivate with Super A's and International Cubs years ago. Does any company make such small, cultivating tractors these days, which would be used almost specifically for cultivating row crops?

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You may want to address your question over here You might get better Feedback.

Here is a link that might be useful: Compact tractor forum

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You can get a sleeve hitch for any garden tractor, and purchase all of your gardening attchments from Brinly or Agrifab, including: a moldboard plow, disc harrow, and a cultivator. Where they fall short is in planters. Brinly and Bolens used to make sleeve hitch planters with various seed plates, but no more. When they come up for sale on eBay they usually sell for around $300 regardless of condition. Earthway products makes a much smaller walk-behind planter. I don't know of any harvesting attachments for garden tractors. I guess it's just your hands and a basket.

Some garden tractors in production include:

John Deere X500 series
Simplicity Legacy XL, Prestige, Conquest
Toro GT2000 series
Cub Cadet 2500 series
Poulan Pro PBGT26H54
Craftsman DGS 6500

Here is a link that might be useful: brinly

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Marineguy the OP was asking about small cultivating tractors not Garden tractors The tractors he mentioned would fall along more of the Compact tractor market not the GT market

Here is a link that might be useful: Newer version of a Allis G

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Not really. It's a market that sort of died in the late 1980's. Even then, folks bought few of the new offerings as they really didn't do more than what the old tractors could do. All the newer models offered were diesel engines. I know International offered some offset tractors back then and JD offered the short-lived 900HC around 1985.

At least there are plenty of 100's, A's, Super C, Cubs, JD M's etc out there if you want that kind of tractor.

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Yes, I know what a cultivating tractor is. My grandfather had a hand-crank started Atomic Babe before he bought his '53 Ford Golden Jubilee.
I'm just thought I'd mention that some manufacturers still intend to make garden tractors useful for cultivating vegetables--although they don't provide any guidance whatsoever on how to do that successfully.
I wonder how many of the members of this forum who used their tractors for gardening. It seems to me anyway, that most use their tractors for mowing and snow removal, which makes sense, of course. But speaking as someone who's gotten more than my money's worth, using my tractor to create and maintain a landscape, I wish I could find more information on how to actually use these gardening attachments effectively. This year will be my first attempt at large-scale gardening. And I'm cautiously approaching it like I've done in the past with my small garden: grow the seedlings on my windowsills, then transplant into the tilled garden. This year I've got a heck of a lot more seedlings on my windowsills.
Right now, this is my plan of attack: bushhog 1/2 acre of the property behind me (with my neighbor's permission, of course), plow it under, till it a week later, level the low spots, till it again, transplant the crop. Any ideas or other techniques?

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Well I till and plow 3acres every year since I retired from the U.S. ARMY in May of 2002 and When ever I was stationed state side I would rent a House so I could garden and I used a JD 240 with a 30inch tiller and sleeve hitch implements which I carted around from duty station to duty station from 1988 to 2002 and before the JD I hauled a Troy-bilt horse Tiller with me all around heck's half acre. Looking back now at hauling the tractor around I probaly should have just hauled the tiller around But Gardening was always a serious hobby for me.

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Did you do it all with the tiller? Or did you control the weeds with a cultivator or disc? I'm trying to decide if in this new garden plot I want to leave enough room between the rows to till between them periodically. I already have a disc harrow, and am about to pick up a plow and cultivator. I figure with the cultivator I can plant the rows closer together and just run over them down the center until the plants get too tall to clear the tractor.

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In my corn plot's of my Garden's I use a cultivator until untill the plant are tall egough that I can't use my Tractor any more. Then I use a small Honda cultivator until is tall enough thta the corn blocks the sunlight between the rows. In my Beans and tomato patches I use my Cub Cadet 2206 with 30inch hydraulic tiller to till between the rows or I use a Troy-bilt Tuffy tiller it depend's atleast with the tomatos if I can keep the rows wide enough to use the tractor mounted tiller. When I prep the Garden I Plow then Till them with the JD X485. I haven't used a Disc Harrow in the last 19 years or so since I have a Tractor mounted tiller. I Garden all organic So I will never give up Cutivating. and just to stay on subject with the original poster Here is a 1987 JD 900HC

Here is a link that might be useful: JD 900HC

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Several years ago I owned and restored a C Farmall. I bought it for $750.00. It came with a mowing machine, cultivators - side and rear, and a turning plow that had a left and right plow. You could plow down a row, raise one plow, drop the other, and come back down the same row. I bought It because I thought it looked like a tractor ought to look. I loved to drive it.

It wasn't all that powerful as tractors go, but the former owner had filled the tires and put on wheel weights and boy did it have traction. I pulled off a wheel once to work on it and made the mistake of letting it fall over. I like to never picked it back up.

The "C" was a tricycle type, and high enough off the ground so you could cultivate until the crop was about 2'-0" high. You could slide the rear wheels in and out to fit the row spacing. Then put the front wheels in one row and straddle two. The side mount cultivators took care of two rows and a rear mount loosened where the wheels tracked, and took care of the row the front
wheels were running in - so you could till three rows at a time.

That was a REAL garden tractor.

If I had been a little more foresighted I would have bought a belly mower for it and kept it.

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I have a Farmall Cub I've recently restored, and added a 3 pt hitch with split hydraulics - ala Super A style.

I can leave the belly mower on it and still plow, cultivate, disc, scrape blade on the back, etc. With the belly mower, I am limited to how high the plants get before I have to quit cultivating.

I took care of the weeding/cultivating by overseeding with crimson clover. The crimson clover fixes nitrogen in the soil, is a great green manure that gets turned back into the soil, helps amend the soil, and so forth. Plus, I do not have to weed as much.

There are less and less of the Cubs around, but they can be found, and parts are not that hard to find either. I just planted my small piece of corn field this past weekend.

My once red clay soil is now that rich black stuff most people want so badly. This has turned after adding my composted material over a period of 4 years. IMHO, a Cub might just be what you need, but I don't know your exact needs.

Whatever you get, I hope it fits the bill as well as my Cub does mine.

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One data point is that used plows fetch very good prices on ebay. I don't know who buy them, and if they are growing or using them to make ditches, but it appears there is a surprisingly strong interest!

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larso1(So. CO Zone 5)

Windcatcher, we needs pics of your rig! Static would be OK, and an action shot or video would be even better!

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Larso1, let me see what I can dig up.

I'm sure I have some photos of the before restoration with the full rigging.

The new photos after the restoration do not have the Woods 42" mower mounted. I'm also restoring the Woods mower, and haven't painted it yet. I'm waiting for time and the weather to warm up as it is outside on a couple of 2 X 4's.

I guess you're more interested in the 3 pt hitch setup and hydraulics, right?

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larso1(So. CO Zone 5)

windcatcher, yes before and after pics would be great. Haven't seen a 3-pt on a Cub before, thought they were all the single point Fast-hitch system. A few years ago a guy sent me a tif photo of his Cub w/ Kubota wheels and turf tires mounted. Looked really cool. Hope it comes thru below, and not too big or small.

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Ok. Let's see if I can get this right.

The first 3 photos show the before restoration and painting. I wanted to make sure all the mechanics worked before it was stripped and painted.

I just hate to have leaks, breakdowns, etc., and have to mess up a new paint job.

The last photo is after the restoration, minus the deck, and I changed the grill to the 11 bar that IMHO looks really good in this tractor. I also added the front bumper for protection and a little bit of weight.

I know this is for the most part a Lawn and Garden tractor website, but a 9 hp Cub does kind of fit the bill since it has a mower on it too. Right? :D

I've misplaced the photos showing the bypass block, the Cessna valve to run the rear hydraulics, but you get the idea for the time being.

I do have to tell you, I love this tractor! Updating this Cub the way this one is has made things far more enjoyable.

I had a hard time trying to find the original implements in my area. What little I did find was very worn, and they wanted new prices for it. So, change it over to 3 pt hitch, buy the new implements and get on with living life with a grin on my face. Oh, I also have a 3 pt hitch one row cultivator. This combination really rounds out the utility of this Cub.

The Cub is matched with a Simplicity Landlord DLX with 50" mowing deck, and a JBJr scoop bucket for winter usage.

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larso1(So. CO Zone 5)

Very nice setup! Changing to 3-pt really opens up the options of implements you can use. That's about the nicest equipped Cub I've seen. Thanks for the pics!

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Very Nice cub there. I'm restoring 4 super A's one finished 1949 model got one apart to put back main seal and freeze plug in flywheel and release bearing ok need some grease in it There a auction company in Idabel olk. that has sale every month with 400 to 500 tractors on third thrusday every quarter they have salavage sale with 300 to 400 tractors this is tractor that any thing wrong with them if front tire want hold air that make it salvage tractor onto apiece junk. I went there pick out super A had skip cost 13 dollars for valve to take skip out used same headgasket. I t had planting rig on tractor good tire they hold air 1100 dollars for for rig with half pallet plows.

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larso1(So. CO Zone 5)

Gator, Super A's are fine looking and performing tractors, basically an oversized Cub I guess with about double the HP? Show some pics when you get one finished! We need pics!

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

Cub 12 hp engine and super A 20 hp engine

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I just bought a 1985 kubota L245H, it is a high clearance offset tractor like the farmall cubs and super As but with 3 cyl diesel and 3 point hitch. Ford also made a 1710 offset about the same time and Case made one too. I think mine is great

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