Homelite Trimmer problems

njsAugust 29, 2010

IÂm having a strange problem with my Homelite Trimmer. It is several years old but always started and ran pretty well.

I went to use it yesterday after not having used it in about 6 weeks and found that it started easy as usual and then ran normally when I moved the choke to from #1 to #2 to #3 position. However after about 7 or 8 seconds of cutting it died abruptly just as if I hit the kill switch. It restarts easily if I choke it again but it dies after 7 or 8 seconds in position #3.

I must have repeated this 15 times thinking maybe something was gummed up from sitting 6 weeks and it would clear itself (even though it always sits all winter and starts and runs fine in the spring). But it just keeps doing the same thing.

The thing that seems so strange to me is that it runs really well but then dies so abruptly without sputtering or anything.

Also, the 7-8 seconds of run time is the same whether I am running full throttle or just letting it idle.

Finally, I also found that if I play with the choke and quickly move it to #2 position for a second or so just when it is dying and then move it back to #3 I can keep it running, if that is a clue.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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The clue is the Choke usage , gas starvation appears to be occurring . What is causing it could be a fouled fuel filter or as you indicated gumming (debris) with the internal circuits of the carb . Check and if restricted replace the fuel filter . Then try the KISS Concentrated carb cleaner within the fresh fuel . Spray some carb cleaner within the carb throat also prior to attempting to start the unit . Keep it running as long as possible with choke if required. If you make past the 7-8 second mark lol back off the choke and slowly increase the rpm . If this does not cure the symptom you shall have to remove the jets and spray cleaner internally along with compressed air .

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The gasket between the carburetor and heat dam was slightly cracked. Apparently it was sucking a little air and would run until the mixture got too lean and would cut out. I'm still surprised how it behaved but I replaced the gasket and the Trimmer runs like a charm again...

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