Fradan Leaf Blower won't run at high speed?

jefferylhenryAugust 28, 2010

I have a fradan BB51 leaf blower. Its been well maintained and cared for. About 1 year ago it started dying at full throttle. It starts and runs well for a couple of minutes and (at full throttle) then after a bit it boggs down and dies. If you close the throttle it will refire and idle fine. I have done everything. Repaired the carb, adjusted the hi and low jets, cleaned everything, replaced the spark plug, cleaned the exhaust, replaced gas filter, added seafoam to fuel/run though carb and exhaust ports are fine. Last week I put on a new carb and it still does the same at the high end. The only thing I have not done is replace the fuel line (fuel comes out fine when you disconnect it from the carb). There is good compression. I am pretty much out of ideas.

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At 1st Sounds like the coil may be heating up and breaking down under load . You have indicated that you have cleaned the carb , also that it will restart with full choke (fuel Starvation) indicates that the fuel circuit is not getting adequate fuel to sustain prolonged high rpm. Perhaps the diaphram is weakening , did you replace same when you "Repaired the Carb" ? If so the Main Jet appears somewhat restricted still ! Also ensure you have fresh and clean fuel , don't laugh sometimes the simplest issues are over looked .

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