What brand makes the best shovels ?

deerpatkflAugust 6, 2013

I'm tried of constantly buying new shovels. My landscape workers use the shovels properly, but the constant use of these shovels leads to breakage. Need something will LAST !!


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I have had good luck with Ames and True Temper and others from various hardware stores. Avoid the cheapies. They are the only shovels that have given me problems.

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You might try TSC, a few years ago they had "stick tools" with lifetime warranties, they all had fiberglass or at least some type of composite handles.

While on this topic, a few weeks ago I was killing time at a local hardware store and was looking at the stick tools. Amazed that a reasonable quality hoe was about $15 and a replacement handle was $23.95? The manager happened by and I asked him about it. He laughed and said, "yeah, doesn't make sense does it?" He went on to suggest that it was because the complete tools were "foreign" and the handles were made in the US. Interesting world we live in.

Good luck,


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Fiskers makes some nice shovels for the price. (30 bucks on amazon)
I have used every one they make for light construction work. They are all steal and have a lifetime warranty. The only one I really don't like is there transplanting spade. In my opinion the steel is too thin and I bends real easy in hard ground conditions.

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duckgun(z5 ct)

this question is easy !one of few i am expert in,the best shovel of course i s sears !they have warranty on hand tools,break it they replace.if i new this i would also only have ever bought one shovel in life.i saw a guy walk in while looking at the garden tractors with the shovel [broke]picked out a new one and thats it.

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A bit of info from Wikipedia:

"Sears has reduced the warranty in effect on many Craftsman non-powered lawn and garden products including rakes, shovels, clippers, brooms, trowels, pruners, hoses, sprinklers, hose nozzles, and other small gardening hand tools. Previously it was a lifetime warranty which on August 2, 2012, was reduced to 25 years with receipt required.[30] The lifetime warranty does not include precision hand tools, such as calipers and torque wrenches,[31]

Many consumers have also been reporting problems when attempting to obtain warranty repair or replacement on tools that are covered by the full lifetime warranty. Sears' official position is that the warranty should be honored, and much of the problem may lie with the individual sale associates.[32] In some cases Sears no longer sells particular Craftsman tools, (tape measures, and wood clamps are two examples), making it impossible to replace a tool sold with a lifetime warranty with a similar Craftsman tool that will continue the warranty.

Power tools have a one-year warranty.[30]

Craftsman tools came under fire in 2004 in a lawsuit accusing Sears of false advertising and consumer fraud for questionable use of the slogan "Made in the USA", when in reality the majority of Craftsman tools are now manufactured in China.[33]"

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