moto mix

woodchuck1(6ny)August 29, 2011

STIHL MotoMix� combines premium high-octane gasoline with the superior protection of STIHL HP Ultra Oil to create a quality, premixed fuel mixture for your STIHL equipment. Now you can eliminate the hassle and mess of mixing your own oil and fuel mixture!

Plus, MotoMix� is ethanol-free, allowing it to maintain stability for up to two years after the seal is broken,

what are your thoughts do you think it is worth it ,and better than mixing your own

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I would much rather use my regular gas (non ethanol) and use Sabre Synthetic Amsoil. Even if I had ethanol issues I would just treat the gas with Star*tron or any other premium ethanol fuel treatment.

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I have used Stihl Moto-Mix in my Stihl Blower, bought new and they extended the warranty by 2 years for using it. I thought about it, I don't use my weedwacker very often, so I started using it there also. I can say it starts easier, I don't have to worry about gas breakdown, so it was a winner for me.

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Moto mix is just another overpriced dealer product . Actually high octane fuel is another waste for saw and blower usage . Regular octane rated fuel and premium oil is all that is required

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Hey, Ewalk, I'd rather use your ethanol free gas too. :D

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Roflmao Yep I bet you would too lol :) I,am just wondering when ethanol will hit the market up North here ?

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how much do pre-mix dealer gas cost?? not that hard for me to get gallon jug gas and pour the two stroke mix in... That way I don't have to pay for the container and dealer mark-up each time I mix two stroke gas. Beings I'm not competing in world saw off competition (like top fuel dragsters) I don't need all the octane boost to cut through a log a milisecond speed!!!!. so regular gas works just fine for me!!

if I only used gallon of gas year and I didn't want to fool with mixing nor have the experience to mess with it might be good option for some people, but not me.

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