WW Grinder Inc, Chipper/Shredder Question

levyAugust 20, 2006

I have an opportunity to buy a chipper/shredder manufactured by WW Grinder Inc. out of Witchita, Kansas for what I believe to be a reasonable price. The model is a Chippewa 5 and has a 5HP Briggs & Stratton engine driving this thing. It starts and runs very nice, but I have never heard of this make before and it appears in relatively good shape. I am wondering if anyone out there could give me any feedback on this unit. I have first dibs on this thing in an estate sale due to a death of a neighbor and if it's worth buying it, I will, but that will be based on any feedback or information I can get from the help of anyone on this site. I have run a few branches and sticks through it, and was not overly impressed. It seemed like it took a lot of effort to feed the hopper and the branches did not self feed themselves like I was hoping. Is there a trick to making this chipper more effective. The screen is approx 1" circles and it does make a rather fine almost sawdust mulch, but again, it seems to take a lot of effort to feed it. Any help, suggestions, or recommendations is much appreciated.


Tim Leverenz


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maineman(z5a ME)


I used a WW Grinder, the electric model, in the late 60's, 70's and early 80's in my Fort Worth garden. I think WW Grinder has been out of business for quite some time now. It's limb chipping was quite poor by today's standards. It couldn't handle any thing much over an inch. I had optional screens for it, including a rod screen for wet material. I raised a lot of corn and it was good at pulverizing corn stalks and corncobs for my compost pile.

It had a tippy high-center-of-gravity design and a heavy cast iron frame, so I purchased the optional steering wagon wheel towing package for it to make it easier to move about. I also had an all-weather cover for it so I could leave it parked in the garden near my compost piles.

It was OK back then, but in my opinion, it couldn't hold a candle to the present day MacKissic 12PT-10 models.


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Thanks for the info. After further review and use of this chipper/shredder, I would have to agree. It only has a small single hammer blade and struggles at best with anything close to 1" in diameter. I'm certainly not impressed and if my neighbor's daughter decideds to just give it to me fine, but I'm not going to buy it. I've read many postings regarding the MacKissic 12PT-10 and will spend my money going that route. I'm not really in any need for a chipper/shredder, but like me and most of the other tools/equipment I have, it's sure nice to have when you need it. Thanks again. I appreciate the reply and suggestions.


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I also got one of these things with a smaller engine from a garage sale in the 70's and had never heard any other mention of ww grinder since. It didn't do much. I suspect it was designed to break up corn or something. It was almost useless for anything beyond leaves and little branches. I also just got a new 12pt9 (sitting in store for over 2 years for $1300) and was parusing the list for the chipper thread to thank MAINMAN and friends for their recomendation because it works great and a far cry from another old but real chip/shreader where I still had to do a ton of feeding and forcing

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The W - W grinders use fixed or swinging hammer knives to cut and blend hay, straw, corn cobs/stalks/silage with whatever bagged or other feeds/additives... to make a whole feed blend for cattle and hogs.
Not in any way intended to deal with any sort of branch.
The 'hayseed' who sold you this unit as a chipper/ shredder likely profited handsomely.
I have a model 14 which I would gladly sell you for 10 dollars, less motor.

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I have had one of these grinders. It is a grinder not a chipper. It is a hammermill grinder and is used to pulverize composting materials into a very fine soil like consistency. It is not designed to work as a chipper for limbs. It is designed to break down dry vegetation into composting materials. I am looking for one again as I have wished many times that I had it back. This machine is for the serious gardener who manufactures their own compost.

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"This machine is for the serious gardener who manufactures their own compost."

In my opinion the MacKissic 12P line of shredder-chippers is much more capable at processing material for compost than the old WW Grinders were. I used the ¼" screen to produce a product with very fine texture and enormous surface area for quick composting.


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Recently acquired Renegade 250. May be missing parts but can't find clutch or how to engage blades
Help. Also if anyone has manual would appreciate it.

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Boy that takes me back.
Pop bought one of these when I was a kid.
He had it in his head he would use it for brush chipping.
Mainly oak and maple 2" and under.
What a chore. It would smoke and smoke as it s-l-o-w-l-y ate the green saplings. Of course I was the one to feed it. It made so much vibration it hurt your hands. If the branches touched your arm the vibs would rub your skin raw.
It was the worst use of power equipment we ever tried.
He finally bought a bandit tow behind.
If the ww grinder had a chipper blade I'm sure it would have been fine; but it relied on hammers (Very beefy ones)
Whatever you buy stay away from plastic; and be sure it has actual chipping blade to cut with. My MTD 8hp cost 75.00 used but with sharp blades and shred knife it can handle all I need.

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I must say I can relate to the vibration problem. There may be different models but mine has the hammer blades and a chipper blade. There is just about zero info on the web for my unit - renegade 250.8. I couldn't find a replacement blade so I made one. I may try a serrated design next to see if that helps but it truly is incapable and a waste of horsepower as the previous poster stated.
Mine has a screen with 1 inch holes and it will shred foliage to a fine mulch. I used it without the screen and it doesn't do a good job of shredding.
The engagement mechanism on mine looks like it's been thru backyard mechanics 101 but it's simply a lever with an idler pulley - in my case it has a chain and spring that hook to the handle to keep it engaged.

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I just bought a used Renegade 250 8 from the original owner and have scanned the manual from 1989. It definitely is for chipping, shredding and mulching. This chipper does a great job on limbs up to 3". Whoever said it was just for silage is cornfused.

I bent my screen and am having a tough time getting it to fit again. Anybody know if there are screens around?

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can you let me know if you find screens for these machines(mine is an 8hp renegade) I am about to sell it screen less unless i can find some if i do i may decide to keep it.

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In the early 1980s Troy-Bilt bought out WW Grinder, and developed it for use on their rototiller PTO model. Back then I owned an 8HP Kohler elec start PTO model tiller and the chipper/shredder attachment. It had both the hammer mill for shredding and a separate chute chipper with a separate chipping wheel. They are still around, and infrequently on e-bay. It was the best chipper/shredder I ever used. Whether or not any of the parts are interchangable with yours is an open question. MTD may still support these on their Troy Bilt site I'm not sure.
I now have a McKissic shredder on the rear PTO of my Simplicity. They did build a combination chipper/shredder very similiar to the Troy Bilt setup. But these are scarce
as hens teeth and may cost my first born now. Bottom line: No shredder will chip, and no chipper will shred. Their 2 different animals.

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Where did you find the owner's manual for the Renegade 250.8? I am a bit desperate to find the source as I am the new owner of this model, and have hunted all over the web to no avail. My blades are jammed and I can not get the screen to release.
Thanks, Chuck

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I just bought a WW Grinder Shredder with an eight horse Briggs engine, mounted on a stout little wagon. It runs and the cutterhead spins but not much shredding happens. I think the knives are worn, but have no idea of their original shape. Any help appreciated. Thanks

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I am the original owner of a WW Grinder 8hp Chipper/Shredder. It will only run on full choke and it's gotten to the point where it won't run at all. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I can find replacement parts for this? I've owned it for 15 years. Any help would be appreciated. Of course, the shredder dies when I have a tree down and need to shred!

Eric Nelson

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boomboompow, sounds like my story. My Kemp machine lossed a main bearing right when I needed to clear out my garden for planting time. The Kemp was a wonderful machine but I was foolish and didn't replace the cover when I should have and the weather had taken it's toll with rust.

I decided to watch ebay for the old high quality Troy-Bilt Super Tomahawk units and was delighted to discover that there are lots of them being sold. They are going cheap too because of the recession.

I own one for my northern property and have used it long and hard with great success so I bought one for my Florida place. They are fine machines and you can get the parts you will need such as belts, screens, and chipping and shredding blades on ebay and elsewhere.

Anyway, I think this is by far the most bang for you buck.

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Where can I buy parts for a W.W. Grinder renagade grinder 250.8?

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Where can I buy or anyone have a screen for a W.W. Grinder renagade grinder 250.8? I have the optional 1 3/4" holes would like the 3/4" that was standard but would take one of the other one's 3/8" - 1" or Rod & Roller Kit. Owner/Operator Manual say's chipper shredder but not much of a chipper but great hammer mill..

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Looks like Im years late but I also need to buy screens for my Chippewa Five . Unlike the other posts mine has been a work horse and has saved me a lot of time and work with brush and limbs, If anyone has a screen for sale please contact me

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I bought one of these for chipping lol can't do that so its been siiting a couple year and just got it out and put it on craiglist
To see pictures

Here is a link that might be useful: ww grinder

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I just traded for a WW grinder 10H.P. chipper. There doesn't seem to be much on the web relating to this. Does anyone have any information about this? It also has Garden Way Inc. on tag and is model #47019. Thanks

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A customer of mine gave me one of your model#220oc 900220c00254 briggs and stratton 8hp machine. Hasn't been used very much, still looks brand new. Need operating/instruction manual for this machine. How to start, what kind of gas, type of OIL, pre start up procedure etc. Would like you send me a email how to get a operating manual Jim Keem jkeem@fsaccess.net Thank You

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I guess I don't understand the negative and discouraging posts. I know there are better (and way more expensive) units out there but my 10 HSP WW grinder has made dozens and dozens of yards of mulch from Bradford Pear trees etc.

Maybe the smaller units suck or something.

I have had it for over 10 years and I am going to sell it because it has outlived my need and desire for grinding limbs up for mulch. I am pushing 70.

I have had no issues with it with anything that would feed into the horn. Since it is manual feed of course it vibrates some when you jamb a 2" limb in the horn - go price one with an automatic feeder. The hopper worked fine for smaller limbs.

My biggest complaint was the noise. Get a GOOD pair of ear muffs - this thing bellows when working or "idling".

Yes it has a little high center of gravity but I keep mine hooked up to the JD garden tractor when not parked so I didn't see that as an issue either really.

The locking built in tongue prop is cool too.

I has worked well for me and I don't baby it either.


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Could anyone tell me what Wichita 8 hp is worth? It was only use about 3 times and the guy always kept it in side.

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greenthumbhoosier we have what your looking for W W grinder for composting your garden its old part cast iron excelent condition

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I have a WW Grinder thats 26 yrs old. I found the ONLY way to start this thing manualy is to loosen the 4 engine bolts,move the engine foward, remove the belt, then pull the rope. Question, did anyone ever make, buy a belt tenioner.For makeing the belt lose while trying to start the engine.

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I bought a used 8hp WW Grinder a few years ago for $40. The Tecumseh engine was shot (hole in the side) so I replaced the 8 HP Tecumseh with a 6.5 from Harbor Freight. It works great. I have used it about 1 1/2 days this week and never had any problems with it. Really makes a good mulch. I wish I could find another blade for the chipper, it's getting dull.

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